Cholestyramine - anyone take it?


It’s a drug that’s taken to lower cholesterol but the off-label use has been successful in controlling some colitis and diarrhea. My GI doc suggested maybe I should try it for my colitis but in reading up on it I believe it does something to the way you metabolize fat and are supposed to eat a low-fat diet while taking it.

Anyone have any first-hand experience or knowledge of that product?

(Rose) #2

Hi Susan, I found this site because I was looking for an answer regarding whether cholestyramine throws you out of ketosis. I had not heard about needing to eat low fat. In fact, my doctor suggests that I eat some fat around 1/2 hour after taking it. I take it for mold toxicity. It is known to cause constipation. You posted in January. Any updates on your experience with it?


Hi Rose.
I only took it for 4 days. It didn’t help my situation at all and actually made it much, much worse. I believe it works for GI problems in people who have had their gallbladders removed but I still have mine.

Hope it’s helping you for your purpose.


I use it to control godawful sticky poop. It works. It does cause constipation, but that’s what Magic Bullet suppositories are for.