Cholesterol before and after keto, any thoughts welcome!

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You don’t need to eat carbohydrate. Period. What small amount of glucose your body needs is made by the body when necessary. You could go the rest of your life without eating a single carbohydrate and be perfectly fine.

So the nutrients to worry about are protein and fat. And the best way to eat them is in the form of real, whole foods. Mammals, including us, appear to have an instinct for eating the amount of protein they need, so if you are eating enough food to satisfy your hunger, you will get enough protein and fat without having to worry about the ratio in which they occur.

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Thanks for your advice. I will listen to my body closely and hopefully things will work out soon :smiley:

(Tele Musik ) #23

Not sure what happened with me but my Trigs increased since changing diet. Doc wanted me to go on I believe they are called statins but I refused hopefully this will drop overtime ?

(Robert) #24

I would guess that you have nothing wrong with your cholesterol. TCL over HDL looks ideal. The more I read, the more it appears that calculated LDL has very little to do with cardiac risk.

(Bob M) #25

Are you sure it’s trigs that went up? Those normally go down. Total cholesterol and LDL and HDL can go up, typically.

Trigs are a “noisy” metric, though. I can get lower or higher trigs for no reasons I can discern (though fasting multiple days causes them to go up).


nope on statins…but we don’t know your med history also :sunny: it is all about time truly. time to heal and rebalance the entire body and based on what medical issues we are all dealing with personally, figure in a year on plan for real changes to ‘be seen’ and figure on about 2 yrs for real truths if one eats on their plan and holds the course.

read chol. myth and more info about all this and don’t be lead to believe your ‘numbers as THEY seen them is YOU’ cause it isn’t.

chol. and all those numbers will NEVER change fast for most.
this is not ever a fast indicator and can’t truly go this way for what the body is healing and how it does it so…