Children and Ketosis

(Ryan) #1

I use a Ketonix breathalyzer, and have been taking my son’s readings
My son, who is 10, and who is NOT on a ketogenic diet (although it is a fairly low carb diet since I do the cooking). He eats tortilla’s and rice and beans…and scores higher some days than I do!
One day he’ll register 65-70 on the meter (around 3 mmol) and the next day he’ll be around 1 mmol. (He’s not fat at all)
This seems very healthy to me, and shows a healthy ability to switch back and forth. (That’s my interpretation anyway)
As I understand it, we are born in a state of Ketosis.
My point? Idk, I just thought it would be interesting to hear from others about any experience with Children.

(Jake P) #2

How do you like the Ketonix? I have been thinking about getting one.

(Ryan) #3

I like it ok. It takes a while to charge up enough for use, and it’s not really mobile as it needs at least a laptop to connect to.

(Tom Seest) #4

You can connect a Ketonix to a USB Battery source, but you won’t get the reading indicators from the software that way. You’ll have to go by the color, and number of flashes.