Change from Goals to a system approach in TII Diabetes management

(Greg LeMunyan) #1

Fasting blood sugar/ketones= Dr Boz Ratio. 95/1.4=67.9 is the best morning numbers I have had in a very long time. Shifting my mindset from the goals of fasting blood sugar, ketones, doctor Boz ratio, weight, body fat, waist circumference and even Hba1c are now being moved to a system called Diabetes management as well as changing my identity from one who cannot manage Diabetes to one who manages their diabetes. The change comes from James Clear Atomic Habits for both the system and Identity change.

Hope this makes sense and more importantly helps others. My systems approach change seems consistent with the 2KD slogan “Keep Calm and Keto on”

(Jane) #2

Best of luck getting healthier!