Celestial Seasonings - Bengal Spice Herbal Tea



I was just wondering if this is okay on keto? If you’ve had it you would know it’s quite sweet. Nutrition facts says zero carbs but legally that could mean something like <0.5g carbs or so?

(Ethan) #2

I have questioned this same tea before. What is making it sweet though? “flavors”?

(LeeAnn Brooks) #3

How many do you plan to have a day? Even if it does have .5, if you drink 2 a day, you’re adding 1 carb to your daily intake.
I’m doing 16:8 IF and I drink two green teas (typically mint flavored) a day to get me through the morning/early afternoon. Even if I found out mine had .5 carbs per serving, I wouldn’t bat a lash.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #4

And it looks to me like the sweetness is coming from the cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. All have an earthy sweetness to them on some level.


Works fine for me. YMMV.
I also sometimes use this with a bag of black tea to make faux chai.


Wow, I hadn’t thought of doing that. Great idea. I chia teas but not the carbs that usually come with them.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #7

Chai tea itself doesn’t have carbs. Chai latte does. But there are Keto versions of Chai Latte.


It is the lattes I like, and had those in mind when I replied.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #9

If you heat up 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream and add to your chai tea, you have a yummy Keto friendly chai latte.


And you can make BPC: Bulletproof Chai :wink:


I drink it all the time - with no ill effects. And makes a good base for ACV and/or butter.


I drink bulletproof chai tea often. So yummy!!

(Diane) #13

I love this tea. I use it by itself, with added cream to make a caffeine-free “herbal” chai. Yummy! I haven’t had any issues with it.

I also love to brew chamomile and mint teas together. I really like the combination, I think the mint adds “sweetness” without adding carbs.

(Monique) #14

I had one sip of this and almost spat it out- so crazy sweet! Checked the box and couldn’t see any red flags, but the fact it made me feel better when I was in the induction phase (and craving sweet stuff) tells me I should stay away from it. n=1 and all that.


Oh! I also like to chill this and use it with vanilla protein powder…


Just in case anyone comes looking for an answer in the archives- I have been wondering the same thing about this tea, which I love and drink most days. My googling tells me that Roasted Chicory is the culprit, and has a naturally sweet taste. Carb counts vary (looks like about 2g per tsp of roasted chicory root) but I think <.5g per teabag max is probably a safe, yet cautious assumption.