Category restructure?


I realise that 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and Covid-19 has been a hot topic issue for a long time, so I completely understand why it was created and is used.

However, I was wondering - would it be possible to discuss the merits of moving the Covid-19 category further down the forum categories listing?

Each time I click back to the forums homepage, that’s the first category I see. It’s a bit depressing to be endlessly reminded about a disease which has caused so much upheaval, especially when I visit here to discuss improving my health.

But more than that, if you’re new to keto and you register, that’s the first forum in the list - and the most divisive. I’m not interested in rehashing any Covid-19 discussions here, but although the topics in that category do have relevance to the real world and might be of interest to keto-ers, I wonder if the community might be better served if the forum listing was lower down?

I’m guessing from the structure, that the old top category used to be ‘Newbies’ - which certainly makes the most sense, especially for those navigating who may have just registered and might not be used to forums.

It’s not that I think we should do away with the category - I think it’s entirely reasonable that people have opportunity to discuss the disease, particularly for health reasons, but it might be nice for it not to be front-and-centre for a while?

After all, keto and its variations are why we’re all here, and it might be nicer to see something more positive and friendly as the first thing that a new user sees on their journey into keto.

(Vic) #2

Maybe a sub to the HEALTH category next to hypertension.
As cov19 gives me hypertension I think it schould be hidden there somewhere.



Definitely makes more sense to be a sub category of Health, I’m assuming it’s where it is because people like to go out of there way to work the word Covid into every sentence, so maybe the mindset was if it’s in your face you save the rest of the forum from that crap winding up everywhere else. Which is fine by me.


Yes, I can quite understand why it was at the top originally - if my experiences elsewhere on the internet were anything to go by, the topic seeped into every conversation, so it would make sense to make a new forum clear and easy to find.

Hopefully some of that intensity has died down now - it’s not that there isn’t still uncertainty, but there’s perhaps not that collective anxiety which seemed to be all-consuming in the early days.

I might be wrong, but perhaps those who are interested in the topic would actively seek it out if it was just a little lower down?

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As @lfod14 points out, part of the reason for having the Covid forum appear first is so that Covid threads will not be posted in other forums.

I will certainly raise the matter for discussion with the admin staff, but I have no idea what the result of our discussion will be.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Allie) #7

I have the whole subject blocked out by a filter so don’t see any of them. This can be set up in your profile settings.

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If anything, I think covid (in the US) is worse now than it’s ever been:

And instead of covid being concentrated in a few locations, it’s everywhere.

(Robin) #9

Agree. Possible?


I think @Shortstuff way of using a filter to just block it out would be best for those that don’t want to see that stuff for whatever the reason, I may do that myself. While I agree it’s technically more of a fit in health as I said further up the thread, I also see why it’s stickied where it is. Requesting to re-arrange the forum just because you don’t want to see a word is ridiculous. Don’t want to read it… Don’t!

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If someone needs assistance using the mute feature, all they have to do is ask. It’s the best way to avoid looking at things you don’t want to see and doesn’t require forum restructuring.