Carnivore For One Year Now

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Today I have successfully completed 1 year as a carnivore. I’ve done a few experiments but no cheating. I am committed to this WOE for life. I have a couple of things that I still want to improve on but I am completely satisfied where my journey has taken me so far.
Carnivore has healed, or helped 24 different issues in my health and body.
I’ve lost 55 pounds and a total of 36.5 inches over my entire body.
I want to thank everyone on this forum who inspire me, teach me and challenge me every day to be the best I can be.
Y’all are a blessing to me.

Carnivore for life because carnivore is life!

(Robin) #2

Congrats! Remember when birthdays and other celebrations meant cake and ice cream? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Congrats!! :dancer::dancer:

Who said we can’t celebrate? Lolol


Congrats! :tada::confetti_ball::cut_of_meat:

Carnivore ice cream is among the best ice creams if you ask me (only my banana keto ice cream can top it slightly but I am a HUGE banana fan). Not like I particularly want ice cream on carnivore though… :stuck_out_tongue:

I still didn’t make my planned carnivore ice cream cake but I ate too much cake on keto and I get bored of them all. But I am sure they are loads better than most normal cakes too… At least for someone who is used to carni food but still love and need desserts. But normal food is better on any day. Maybe a fancier one if one want to go further than usual (if they don’t eat their favs to begin with. but one still can eat something unusual if that is something they appreciate).

@Just_Juju: That cake looks utterly awful, ouch. Why anyone thinks colorful sprinkles are pretty I don’t know :smiley: What ARE these…?
I saw some very proper meat cake photos in my life :smiley: They were pretty.


Maybe it’s colored salt crystals? That would be cool. :joy: I particularly love the touch of the egg. Lol

(Geoffrey) #6

I’m saving that one.

(Alec) #7

Brilliant! Well done.


Congrats! This is a great result!