Carnivore Diet N=1 and High Triglycerides Riddle

(Chris) #61

Im just south of 40 and floating between 270-275 at 6’1 currently. big frame.

(Samuel Ashford) #62

Thanks. Not sure about all body types, but in general it seems to me that bigger folks do better when they move over to a cleaner way of eating, and low carb or carnivore in particular. Not that all lean people don’t do well. I just have this hunch that the leaner people have a much narrower threshold of how much incoming energy they can take or make use of / clear from their bodies. Anyway, that’s opposite of what Dave Feldman experienced in his inversion of fat intakes (through the roof high). But I recall Dr. Ted Naiman saying that when certain of his patient population guzzled fats, their lipids blew up. Opposite of the Feldman protocol.

(Omar) #63

yes I read in several places they call it " test hacking " or manipulation when quitting coffee or mct prior to the test.

Not sure where the term come from while there is a genuine mechanism for the coffee to inhibit some liver functions ( in some people). It is not some kind of interference with the lab standard test procedure by ingesting a substance to hack the result.

(Eric) #64

I love these sardines. Don’t eat them more than 2 / week but I do a variety of salmon, smoked salmon and then 1 / week smoked mackerel.