Carnivore Diet N=1 and High Triglycerides Riddle

(Chris) #61

Im just south of 40 and floating between 270-275 at 6’1 currently. big frame.

(Samuel Ashford) #62

Thanks. Not sure about all body types, but in general it seems to me that bigger folks do better when they move over to a cleaner way of eating, and low carb or carnivore in particular. Not that all lean people don’t do well. I just have this hunch that the leaner people have a much narrower threshold of how much incoming energy they can take or make use of / clear from their bodies. Anyway, that’s opposite of what Dave Feldman experienced in his inversion of fat intakes (through the roof high). But I recall Dr. Ted Naiman saying that when certain of his patient population guzzled fats, their lipids blew up. Opposite of the Feldman protocol.

(Omar) #63

yes I read in several places they call it " test hacking " or manipulation when quitting coffee or mct prior to the test.

Not sure where the term come from while there is a genuine mechanism for the coffee to inhibit some liver functions ( in some people). It is not some kind of interference with the lab standard test procedure by ingesting a substance to hack the result.

(Eric) #64

I love these sardines. Don’t eat them more than 2 / week but I do a variety of salmon, smoked salmon and then 1 / week smoked mackerel.

(Steve ricci ) #65

I know this is an older post but I’ve been searching for this information. Ive slays done well on LC . 1st time i read protein power. 20ys after gaining 50lc in cycling accident. Worked well. Blood work was good. This last year 2018 i did carnivore. And lousy weight after multiple injuries in sports. Blood work sucked , A1c was good, 5.4. Tris hi, hdl 42. My BP started to spike hi. I recently increased potassium and increased carbs some. Ive become lost again. You mentioned protien power and the lack of saturating everything with butter. Maybe for me that is the key. My macros are very much like yours. I go back to the doctor in a couple months for new blood test. Anymore thoughts or findinds

(Bunny) #66

‘Supposedly’ that “…increases your risk for heart disease…” “…blah blah blah; but it could also mean your burning more fat (e.g. high protein, i.e. carnivore) and your getting blood analyzed while that process is taking place? The fat cells theoretical ‘whoosh effect’ (fat cells are being expressed; contracting {flushing content; shrinking} rather than expanding {inflammation = obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance etc.}?) hypothesis from no vegetable (plant based*) oils/fats esp. heated and processed hydrogenated trans fats? Sugar and high carbohydrate consumption being the deciding co-factor of bad or good outcomes (prognosis) with saturated, unsaturated, monosaturated and the sterols in fats when it comes to observing blood serum analysis ratios and variables?

*Note: With the exception of cooking with unprocessed coconut and palm oils that have been cold pressed only and not rancid/oxidized or differences when consumed raw (not heated) and its effect on blood serum triglycerides?

(Omar) #67

one more result in December

triglycerides still coming down

(Doug) #68

Omar, looking good! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Omar) #69

thanks brother

It is all because of good people like you in this forum

(Samuel Ashford) #70

Interesting. Dave just did a little experiment with TGs on his carnivore diet demonstrating that the TGs are all over the map until a certain number of hours in his case, after which they stabilize. I take that as this: a LOT is going on with fat metabolism until everything digested is processed according to needs, and then it levels out. I recently had labs done that revealed the lowest lipid numbers I’ve seen in two years. The key difference was not particularly diet. I’d been not quite zero carb during December, but where my TGs had been as high as 340 in October, they were 115 on Jan 2. The only thing I did different was a LONGER fast before blood draw. Normally it’s about 8-10 hrs fasting. Jan 2 was 16 hours fasting. Sluggish metabolism? Looks like it to me.

(John) #71

I threw out all my pickles when I saw how much SUGAR they have and I only looked because I got an insulin spike after eating some.

(Brian) #72

Have to start making your own. :slight_smile: