Can't access site from desktop computer today

(Dan) #1

I’m getting an error “Site can’t provide a secure connection” on my windows pc today. I’ve tried Chrome and Edge browser. My phone connects fine.

(Naomi Brewster) #2

I’ve been getting those messages too.

(matt ) #3

Paging @richard and @carl

(carl) #4

That sounds like something outside our control, but I’ll take a look at our DNS records


No issues here,pc and kindle are fine. Hope you sort it out soon.

(Dan) #6

FYI, if anyone else is having this problem… I found that the problem was being caused by my anti-virus software (which included some web browsing protection),. For some strange reason, it was flagging the forums as a potentially dangerous website! After I whitelisted the site, all is back to normal.

(Peter) #7

I think the problem was that the system garbage interfered with the computer. This happened to me a few days ago and the only way out of this situation is to clear unnecessary files in the internal memory because it slows down the computer very much. For this case, I use which has already saved the life of my device more than once by helping to clear its expanses of unnecessary junk. I think that this topic will be useful to many people who have the same problems or have met at least once


I could not access this forum for days!

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #9

We have been a problem lately with the host server running out of file storage. Richard has now finished his exams and has some time to deal with the matter. He promises results soon. If you would like to help fund the hardware upgrade, please visit our Patreon page.