Can you get COVID from an asymptotic person?

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My friend Leanne was testing positive for six weeks and she had symptoms, but not bad enough to need hospital, though even now her senses of taste and smell haven’t come back. She’s no idea what her blood type is though.


The virus leads to a Vitamin B12 deficiency indirectly by destroying red blood cells in positive blood types because Vitamin B12 is required to make red blood cells. Then Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to nerve damage. I supplemented heavily with Jarrow Formulas methyl B12 1000mcg and a B-Complex to make sure I was covered with the other B vitamins. Never lost my sense of smell.

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I’ll pass this info on to Leanne thanks. Maybe supplementing will get her senses back.

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This sounds like a case study. contact tracing one person who is asymptotic (by the studies definition) the results are indicative (and cannot be applied to a population) and should be used to generate further hypotheses for testing.

That’s interesting to note that some people who don’t have symptoms don’t have a viral load and don’t spread the disease. However we do know that some asymptotic people do, there have been cases studies to show this as well. Both are true. Why? <- we want to know.

This is a new disease and all this information is important but I think it’s important to remember well that it is new. We simply don’t know many, many things definitively. Give it another 18months and we will be able to say more about how the disease works in a population.

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