Can you do keto without coffee? Why not?


I drink coffee about 500 times more often than alcohol… And my alcohol is 8ml wine or vodka once in 1-2 months lately.
Coffee is a mostly innocent substance to me, alcohol is a toxin (a cute one I don’t plan to give up but still).
And I can find what I “need” to find in any state. I learned sleepwalking to some extent to turn off alarm clocks without waking up when I was a kid… (It was a short phase, I learned to sleep next to the most loud alarm clocks pretty quickly. They only almost gave me a heart attack when I was awake.)


We need a coffee mug of the day thread.

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Hi Paulene - extremely delayed response incoming!

I’m still coffee and caffiene free. Life is still a challenge but my anxiety is almost non existent now (except for pandemic related existential angst), I can think more rationally and no longer feel a constant sense of urgency and the need to fix something or do something to keep myself busy.

Also fasting got much easier which was a nice surprise! Not sure why, possibly because I felt less stressed and therefore less urge to comfort eat.

The hardest thing to cope with in the end wasn’t even physical withdrawal as keto and ketoade dealt with that in a few days, but the mental adjustment needed when I wasn’t in crisis mode all the time. Before, I got things one because I felt like I had to. I was always rushing around and felt like I was overwhelming busy. A lot of it was activity without being productive e.g. falling into a wikipedia hole and deciding to learn about the history of the beat generation rather than do the washing up.

Now I have to conciously choose to do things as my drive is still lower than it was, but overall I seem to have much more time to get things done and once I get started I enjoy being in the present much more.

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I’m an addict.

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Hi FrankoBear

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Oh indeed, we have such a topic here :smiley:
I run out of coffee last week so had 5 coffee-less days, I am impressed. I bought coffee yesterday and I drink it since but hopefully I can go back to none again… It really has nothing to do with keto or lack of it. I drink coffee when I buy coffee and open a bag of cream… Too strong combo.
The only time when I could go for days without coffee was when I had (at least close to) no coffee but I need it to make chocolate (hence I don’t drink it when we barely have some). Coffee-less chocolate? Won’t happen under normal circumstances and I do my best to avoid abnormal ones.
I should at least install rules AND stick to them like no coffee until 4pm or something… I could do “no low-cal coffee” (so none in my fasting window) last week and this with very little coffee at home was effective.

I fear it still won’t be THAT easy. I often drink cocoa instead of coffee but when I go carnivore in August again, that won’t be an option. Tea is boring. Egg milks are my only substitutes…

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This one still cracks me up (courtesy: Dr Ted Naiman)…

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I can’t do anything without coffee.