Can we have a weight loss section and a keto for metabolic section?


Any chance of separating off the weight loss concerns from the health and metabolic concerned posts?
Weight loss focus members seem to dismiss the metabolic concerns of many here. Or not actually get that this is a life and death issue for many.

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There is already a health forum, with a lot of good stuff in it. I notice that you are fairly new, so the Health forum may not be visible to you yet (it is locked, so that people can discuss conditions they have without being searchable by the whole Interwebz). Keep reading and posting, and you will very quickly be able to get into the Health forum and post there.


Thanks Paul.
It’s mostly that I am finding the focus of many threads on whether they can eat “cheats” as they call them… and a complete lack of relevance to keto or motivation to make it work other than to lose weight (in many threads) a bit discouraging and trivializing what I thought was the motivation for this diet.
Healthy people don’t need to eat keto to lose a pound and metabolically deranged people have more important issues than whether they hit a “goal weight”.
Feel like I have died and woken up in a Weight Watchers group.

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It’s probably just the time of year @Matrika - people are facing holiday traditions & the like. For the most part the group is pretty understanding about the many, varied reasons we’re all here.

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As @safi mentions, there are many people on here who came to keto for the metabolic benefits. I’m one of them, actually, though I am certainly not turning up my nose at the sixty-pound weight loss, lol! I come from a long line of diabetics on both sides of the family, and Dr. Robert Lustig’s lecture “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” (available in several places on YouTube) hit me like a ton of bricks. I came to terms with my sugar addiction and started eating keto. Nowadays, you’d never know I used to be pre-diabetic!

Unfortunately, my new-found metabolic health doesn’t have the immediate day-to-day impact of some of the bodily changes (the ability to climb stairs, being able to cut my toenails and tie my shoes without holding my breath, trousers falling down, that sort of thing), so you’ll probably see many more posts from me about those things than about my perfect metabolic numbers. On the other hand, I do seem to be making a good start on an alert, vigorous old age, so there is that. :bacon:


Perhaps safi changed her post above? She’s not saying anything about people coming for metabolic benefits as I read it.

Anyway, please disregard anything I’ve written. I am probably grumpy because i am so over reading about people planning to eat carbs and diminishing the importance of staying on track if you are doing keto because you have to in order to stay on the planet and walk on two legs.
That is what got me here, after the emphasis in 2ketodudes podcasts …but a heck of a lot of people on this site are basically not committed to their own health as far as I can tell.
Like I said disregard what I am posting here.
I am grumpy.
Not easy to keto through Christmas and come onto this site and read so much that diminishes the importance of doing so.
I basically do not give a toss about food traditions that make people sick and wouldn’t engage in them.

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I agree. My health is so much better now and I still have progress to make. Why would I deviate from that journey on purpose?

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She hasn’t, as there’s no edit symbol on it.

She’s not saying anything about people coming for metabolic benefits as I read it.

That bit.

Not easy to keto through Christmas and come onto this site and read so much that diminishes the importance of doing so.

But that’s how they can keto. Everyone is different. As Safi said, there’s a very wide variety in what people can and can’t do.

I basically do not give a toss about food traditions that make people sick and wouldn’t engage in them.

Me either, but that’s me not them.

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Now that you mentioned it I had not really thought about it. I needed to stop gaining weight after I was done starving myself to a normal wight. It was not so much the weight loss that made me go keto but the health aspects. I was very interested in the cancer interaction (read “Tripping Over the Truth”). Cancer needs glucose to live and multiply. Anyway as long as topic headers are not misleading it is easy to skip the ones that don’t intrest you.

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I completely understand.

Is it any comfort to reflect that those who are here simply for the sake of weight loss will probably fall by the wayside, and those who came for metabolic health (or who came for weight loss but discovered metabolic health) are the ones who will persist? And who will have posts worth reading?

I’ve been through recovery in more than one Twelve-Step program, and you see this in newcomers all the time. There is a sorting process, and those who are there for the “wrong” reasons—or who aren’t really sure why they need to be there—don’t last. And even those who need to be there and who are desperate enough to stick with it are nevertheless quite crazy when they first arrive (bear in mind that as I point my index finger at them, there are three more fingers pointing right back at me, lol!). Over the years I learned to tune out the craziness and mixed messages and concentrate on the information that proved valuable over time.

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Matrika, I kind of understand what you’re saying about the weight loss group vs the metabolic necessity group. I’m here primarily to lose weight because I don’t currently have any other known health issues, although I also hope to see some other health improvements (more energy, less joint stiffness, etc). But I feel like I’m in the minority within the weight loss group because I don’t weigh myself…so I don’t get to have those “10 lbs lost!” or “I lost 3 lbs this week!” type posts.

But one thing I want to comment on…please keep in mind that everyone’s journey to better health is different. Yes, if you look at keto as a way “to stay on the planet and walk on two legs,” then being very strict is required. But for some, going “off plan” doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about their health either. So we have to be careful to not judge others based upon what we need in our own lives.

For example…I went on a mini-vacation to FL for 3 days. Did I stick to strict keto while there? Nope. But for me, that’s a healthy thing. I tend to be a perfectionist and that often leads to “all or nothing” thinking…as in, if I’m not 100% committed, then I just won’t do it at all. Also, it’s reassuring to me that I CAN eat too much sugar/carbs for a couple of days, come back home, and get right back to a keto routine the next day. And often, it’s those smaller changes that lead to better health long-term.

Obviously, for some people, that approach won’t work. Just as an alcoholic can’t have “just one drink,” there are some people who shouldn’t stray from their eating plan. But for those that do, it’s not necessarily an indicator of not caring, but an additional step on their journey to better heath.

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You can mute any topics that don’t apply to you. At the bottom of each thread there are options.

One of the drop down options is to mute. That will stop that topic from showing up for you again. I use it a lot.
If you are primarily concerned about Health issues, read that section and the Show Me the Science subforum is chock a block with good information.

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Hopefully you have found the support here in this thread you were missing in the forum in general.

I respectfully disagree with your black-and-white statement. You are implying you either don’t need keto or you should follow it 100%.

I did not have diabetes but definitely was insulin resistant because I couldn’t lose weight at a really reduced calorie intake. After 6 months of keto I had my fasting insulin and glucose measured and calculated my HOMA score. It was 0.9 which indicates I am no longer IR.

I don’t know if this is permanent but I plan to eat keto from now on most of the time to keep the weight off and avoid diabetes and other SAD-caused diseases. Does having a serving of black-eyed peas tonight wreck my health? I don’t believe it does. I will be fasting tomorrow because I like to skip one day a week of eating for autophagy (36-42 hours) and I will be back to my preferred state of ketosis pretty quick.

I guess my point in my rambling is everyone is here for a different reason and my advice is stick to those people you most identify with (their accountability threads, posts, etc) and try to tune out those you don’t.

Congratulations on reversing your T2D - that is awesome!


Thanks collaroygal, that’s helpful.


I am merely asking if it is possible (on the site feedback section of the forum which I thought was for feedback) for a separation so that people whose focus is weight loss can get into that and people whose focus is metabolic health can get into that without the threads being all in together requiring a lot of finessing to sort. I have limited time to read here.
IDM is running different sections for Diabetics and for those seeking weight loss for this reason. Different info. It shouldn’t be a problem to acknowledge that different goals need different ends to achieve them.
For those people who aren’t here for information it is not obviously a difficulty.
I am here simply for information. I had no intention to offend anyone, I should have thought the suggestion pretty commonsense but have a happy new year whatever you are here for.

I don’t mean to be rude but I am not going to revisit this thread. I wanted to make a suggestion so please excuse me.
I just am very time poor.

Hopefully you have found the support here in this thread you were missing in the forum in general.

I am not looking for support I am looking for information hence my suggestion of separating relevant sections.

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It’s an impractical way to run a large forum. Even if you had admins around all the time, it’s just not going to work.

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Seemed like a valid request to me, for the site admins to consider.

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Ok. I wish you the best on your journey. I come here for support and friendship. Info I can get elsewhere.

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