Can we have a "Chronic Fatigue" category under the Health grouping?

(Andrea Shields ) #1

This question is directed to the admins…

I’m new to the Forum - having joined this week after hearing Richard Morris speak at the Low Carb Down Under Gold Coast Conference held last weekend (fantastic presentations & inspirational atmosphere).

However I’m not so new to keto - my journey started in June 2015 when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia. I read a book by a UK integrative GP - Dr Sarah Myhill (Chronic Fatigue - It’s mitochondria not hypochondria) in which she recommended a stone age/ketogenic diet & encouraged everyone to read Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution. Since then I’ve become a fan of all Dominic D’Agostino’s work & so thankful for practical implementation information by Ellen Davis & Miriam Kalamian.

It’s taken a tremendous amount of education (podcasts/books/websites) & n=1 experimenting to be able to achieve & maintain (!) therapeutic ketosis. Adopting therapeutic ketois allows me to be a highly functioning “chronic fatigue” sufferer. The reduction in inflammation & the fatty acid/ketone fuel source has vastly improved my fibromyalgic muscular & joint pain. Long term I hope to heal existing mitochondria & produce heaps of new healthy robust mitochondria - maybe then I could be “cured” of this “incurable” illness.

I’d like for fellow sufferers of cfs/fms to come along to a forum like this and see that their particular ailment could be helped by ketosis.

The chronic fatigue community is trying to promote awareness of the condition and there are many articles in the newspapers/social media sites etc at the moment due to a new documentary “Unrest”. I’d love to be able to share all the links here under a dedicated category.


(Diane) #2

It doesn’t look like you got a result. I would also love to see a “Chronic Fatigue” category here. @brenda, can you help?

(Annett McDavid) #3


Thanks for your post and thumbs up for your request. It would make so much sense if us CFS folks could have our own sub group!


(Diane) #4

@carl, Is there a reason that we don’t have a Chronic Fatigue category under HEALTH?