Can We Get A Spell Check?

(Sophie) #1

Please? I don’t see an option to turn on spell check. And although many times I will intentionally misspell words 'cos of venacular speech, honestly, I do appreciate correct spelling more often than not, because misspelled words just makes one appear, well, stoopid!

(Jennifer Monaghan) #2

Did you check your browser settings? I use Chrome and it is built in there so it checks no matter what site I am on.


I agree with @Jennifer_Monaghan, I think it has to do with the settings in your browser. I too use Chrome and it works wonderful for me. Although… Chrome should learn to spell keto :smiley:

(Sophie) #4

Hmmmm, I’m on Firefox and I took a look but don’t see anything and I’m on other forums with out any probs about spell check. I’ll ask hubby. He’s the PC Wiz.

(Nick) #5

I can’t check how it works on Windows right now, but on Firefox for Mac I can right-click in the text field (where I’m typing this reply), and there’s a menu item “Check Spelling” that can be either ticked or unticked.

Right now it’s ticked; ironically, this caused it to underline the word ‘unticked’, presumably because it doesn’t think it’s a real word. Stupid machine.

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #6

Firefox on the PC has spell check as well.

(Sophie) #7

Thank you so much! I actually found it without having to ask hubba-hubba! Now, everything is right with my world. I think my spelling thing stems from an English teacher that I had in high school. She would give an automatic F on any paper that had a misspelling, and this was wayyyyyy before computers where even thought about. LOL :thumbsup:

(Mark Lewis) #8

Grammerly is a great tool on the desktop. It’s free as well.