Can we add tags?

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #1

I can see a drop-down menu for choosing optional tags, but not a way to add one. Am I missing something, or is that admin-only?


TL3 and above can create tags but there is a glitch in the sytem sometimes. Also, you have to hit < enter > after each new tag if you do have the right trust level.

I can give it a try, if it’s not working for you. Just let me know which tags you want created and I’ll add them to this topic.

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #3

OK. I see. How can I tell what level I am?


As as Guest Expert, you are TL3 which is “regular” in your user profile.

(Derek I. Batting) #5

I find myself posting a lot of articles and studies in the Show Me The Science and News sections and it’s incredibly frustrating not being able to add tags to articles. The only thing I can do is search and hope someone’s already created a tag that even loosely relates to what I’m posting.


You can make a list of tags you’d like to see and we’ll try to add them in. If nothing else, I can add them to this post. We aren’t using tags much yet, except for recipes.