Can someone help with my omlette?


I have moderate hypertension and joint inflammation that I’m trying to eradicate. Oh, yes, and I’m a bit of a lard-arse as well.
I successfully implemented a LCHF diet a few years ago with good results. Lets just say I’ve drifted since then and need to get back on it.
I have an ommlette that I use in the morning consisting of the following:

1 large egg
1 clove garlic
light sprinkling of tumeric
ground pepper
(usually) a small handful of chicken or beef mince
3 small mushrooms
1 deseeded chilli
oil to fry the ingredients.

I cook the ingredients first, tip out into a bowl add the egg to bind then throw it all back in the frying pan.

I’ve no idea how many calories this is of the fat/carb ratios are right.
Also, these ingredients are for inflammation and low lectin (well, except the chilli).
I like this for breakfast but can someone comment on the ratios and any mix-ups to keep it interesting.


(Full Metal KETO AF) #2

I recommend getting an inexpensive digital kitchen scale. Usually about $15 US from someplace like Amazon Also you can use the free version of Cronometer either on a mobile phone or pad, or just in a browser if you want to use a computer. You can enter anything you want to eat and get fairly accurate macro estimates. Personally I wouldn’t worry about it. Add another egg If you like. Most of your carbs are in that garlic, the rest is pretty low. I think it’s better to just track your carbs and eat protein and fat as you feel you need, by appetite not a calculation.
It doesn’t have to be complex, you can just limit carbs and eat what your body tells you it needs. Too many start KETO with the old idea that you have to eat less and be hungry but you don’t. Make sure you’re using a good oil and not a vegetable oil. Olive, coconut, avocado, butter, lard, and tallow are the best fats for keto. Vegetable oil is highly inflammatory. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi Roop. I stated keto just over a month ago eat omlettes for breakfast/lunch the easiest way to work out carb fat protein for me was an app called cronometer was a bit anoying setting up until I got used to it but it has helped me so much. I also have problems with inflammation and pain so the app helped me to see what I was lacking in. You might find cronometer helpful


Here you go, barely anything at all. Hopefully that’s an example and not what you’d call a “meal”… because it’s not.


Sign up at for a free acct and start tracking what you eat. Screw ratios, track in grams. Ratios don’t work.


Will take a look, cheers.

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Try using more eggs?


Welcome, Roop!

Is that all you are eating? How many times a day are you having a meal? Personally, I wouldn’t count the spices except the one clove of garlic.

I’m another person who uses Cronometer to track what I eat. Many don’t use a food tracker, but I like to be able to look back and see what nutrition I’ve been getting and what I’ve been missing. Tracking helps me to mix it up a bit better so I’m not missing anything important.

I also like to use fresh garlic cloves in my eggs, but I tend to cook up 6 or so large or extra large eggs in butter as part of one of two meals a day. (I’m 5’3", 57 yo, and currently around 163 lbs.) I also add in a few slices of bacon or have something else with them.


Not something to be concerned about. Ketosis is driven by restriction of carbohydrates, typically set at 20 net grams of carbs or less. Fats are primarily used as a fuel, as needed, especially since the need for fats can be partially satisfied by stored body fat.


Cheers, all. Signed up to Crono today. Cheers, Seuss no it isn’t but I dont know how many cals I AM eating. Scales on the way.
Crikey! So much fat!


Erm, no. I had it at 150 kcals. Scales on the way.