Can I restart keto after being off for a year?

(Aaron Shindoll) #1

Hi everyone I’m not sure where to post this but i hope someone can help. So my story with keto is that I started July 1, 2016 weighing 390 and ten months later I was down to 219 as my lowest. All my friends an my bestfriend thought that I looked sick an should start eating normal (unhealthy) well I eventually caved in and went off my diet an now as of today I weigh around 285 and Im tired of weighin this much so I want to get back on my diet cause I thought I looked good when I was at 219 I think people thought I looked sick cause noones ever really seen me small. So I guess my question is can I get back on keto? Will it still work after being off it for so long? Please an thank y’all

(CJ Young) #2

I’ve gone from 310 to 240 and lately people have been telling me that I’m looking “pale” “gaunt” or sometimes they’ll say “you’re loosing too much too fast.” I mentioned these comments to a friend and they made a good observation. She felt that perhaps these comments were coming from a place of jealousy or disbelief. I think people are taught to doubt weight loss. See it as just temporary and unsustainable because many people trying a SAD starvation diet (not keto) do ultimately gain the weight back. That mixed with jealousy can make for some pretty shitty comments that have come close to tanking my own perseverance.

My dude, come back on this Keto adventure. I don’t know of any reason why it won’t work for you now when it did then. Don’t let those people body shame you for getting healthy, feeling, and looking great.


It’s not a one time thing, do it, and it’ll work.

(Karen) #4

Yep! And welcome back!




Unless you live in California, then there is probably a law…


Ignorant people are the worst! I try not to tell people when I’m in an extended fast because they are convinced I have an eating disorder. It’s sad how so many people poison themselves daily with carbs and cant see that we’re changing our health in great ways.

Yes you can go back on the diet. Your body will get to its happy weight and everyone that tells you that you look sickly should do 5 minutes of research before playing doctor.

(Henny) #7

Why on earth would someone tell you that you look sick when your loosing weight and still overweight ??? That’s madness, do you and if keto worked before it will work again. Their own comfort levels of who you used to be should not be a reason for you to stop doing what worked for you. I’m sorry that those people felt the need to sabotage you.

(Terence Dean) #8

Hey Aaron, at least you’re here. Plenty of people fall off the Keto wagon for various reasons, the trick is to get back on and keep at it. There’s even a post category for people who do fall off. You’ve come to a great forum the people here are very supportive and love to help out with any questions you may have, welcome back to Keto! KCKO. :keto:

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Nurse, bring this man some bacon, stat! :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Aaron Shindoll) #10

Thanks everybody me for the reply y’all have been really helpful! And I have started keto again and I’m excited for a new adventure!

(B Ann Webb) #11

Ok I’m new here. How’s your Keto restart doing?