Can anyone explain what happening with my lower part of my body

(Rachel) #1

I’m been following keto since March, I’ve not had loads of weight to lose, but I was becoming insulin resistance and I was losing my waist. I’ve lost some weight, but as I didn’t have lots to lose I have to make sure I don’t eat too much fat otherwise this causes weight gain, but, I understand it’s a lifestyle change and I do feel better as cut out sugary drinks etc.

I have several health issues, underactive thyroid, Hashimotos anyway, I’ve noticed, my waist is smaller, but my bottom and tops of my legs are bigger. I definitely know my shape has changed as my tops don’t skim my bottom they now rest on it like a shelf.

Although many like the Kardashian look, I don’t.

Have anyone experienced this, is it to do with any hormone problem?

I’m 41 years old and do weights, bodytone, step.

Can anyone advise.

Best wishes

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #2

You might want to see your physician and get checked for lipodystrophy, which is a condition of abnormal fat distibution. I’m not sure how it’s diagnosed.

(Art ) #3

Paul is right.

(traci simpson) #4

Maybe it looks bigger because your waist is smaller now.

(Rachel) #5

Thank you, I’ll probably struggle as I’m in the UK and our NHSis struggling, I’ll look privately.

Best wishes

(Rachel) #6


That did cross my mind, but my clothes ( long tops)no longer skim my bottom, that sit on my bottom ledge.

I seem to be getting very skinny top half, too skinny, but as said bigger the bottom, my shorts feel tight around my bottom too.

Best wishes

(traci simpson) #7

that sounds like muscle gains to me.

(Rachel) #8

I wish, it’s all wobbly, it’s fat.

Best wishes

(Jacqueline Porter) #9

Aww tell me about it! For me its all about the stomach! I’ve melted like a candle to start with, then off my butt and thighs and if I look front on I look great (ish) but side on :worried:!
Trust the process and KCKO!

(John) #10

Could be lipedema. That is the classic “size 8 top and size 16 bottom” condition.

You can read here to see if this seems to match what you are experiencing.

(Rachel) #11

Thank you.

(Rachel) #12


I would just like to thank everyone for the information provided, it appears that I could have this, and explains so much, why I have bruises on my legs and why I have loads of ripples on my legs and bottom and fat.

I’ve booked to see a specialist based in the uk.

Once again thank you.

Best wishes