Calling ApoE 4s

(Shannon Woollett) #21

Thank you!

(Richard Morris) #22

Yup still on - Jules and I are flying in for it (and some shopping)

(Shannon Woollett) #23

Something fun 23 gives u is your Neanderthal report! My daughter is 4%! Highest possible! And she had 4 Variant! Wonder if connection! We are French and German background on my side! Heart of Neanderthal territory!

(Shannon Woollett) #24

HI Richard this is what 23/me looks like. Only gives the variant not if it is 4/4 3/4 etc

But it is worth it anyway! Also, the Neanderthal report is a lot of fun!

(Shannon Woollett) #25

Linda, I cant make the B BQ tomorrow but I am sure you guys will have a great time! Enjoy! Shannon

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Here is the fun Neanderthal report you get with 23/me! My daughter is a Neanderthal! LOL

Enjoy BBQ! Sadly, I cant make it this Sunday, but I look forward to meeting you guys at a later date! :slight_smile:

(Linda) #27

No worries Shannon, they’ll be more, keep an eye out, maybe in 2-3 months. We’ll put it on the forum.

(Nancy ) #28

I am a 3/4 and on a keto diet for 3 months. Lost 30 lbs on diet and fasting. Trying to make healthy decisions regarding my genotype and fats. Gundry MD says minimal saturated fats and NO CHEESE. But he says to drink EVOO by the liters. Trying to find as much scientific research as possible. Not easy. Thanks for your link.

(Nancy ) #29

I am a 3/4. On keto but afraid of high saturated fats. Have not embraced them so far. Steven Gundry MD, who considers himself a world expert on APOE 4, says no coconut oil and to literally drink liters of EVOO. And NO CHEESE. I am not sure if he is biased, but he does propose a ketogenic diet with many restrictions. Ck him out on youtube. Would love to find more research.

(Nancy ) #30

What is the significance of DT2?


The no-cheese thing makes my heart hurt, but I will check out Gundry’s stuff. I just wonder about the logic of emphasizing EVOO if APOE4 is the oldest variant, and our ancestors - particularly the nothern, ice-agey ones - were surely getting more fats from animal products than olive oil.


Thanks for this tip! I linked my 23 and Me account to Promethease and found out I’m 3/4, so it was worth the $5 right there. 23 and Me only said I had one APOE 4 genotype, but didn’t say what the other APOE was.

Plus it had a ton of other fascinating info!


Just saw this super helpful (and hopeful) post from Ivor Cummins back in 2015! Great links

(Kanel) #34

Yes, it does. You just have to manually browse your raw data for the other marker (SNP) rs7412. Then, look at this table:

My rs429358 is TC and my rs7412 is CC which mean that I’m ApoE 3/4.


Ah, thanks! I wouldn’t have recognized that marker at all! This gene stuff is all new to me… I couldn’t even see where to look at my raw data on 23 and Me.


Thank you, those are encouraging reads. And I love Ivor :heart:


A final recommendation: Dale Bredesen’s new book The End of Alzheimer’s. It is fascinating and perhaps the most compelling argument for a ketogenic diet (in addition to other interventions in his protocol) that anyone could make.

(Richard Morris) #38

I just got my results back and I’m 3/3 … in fact my results show I am remarkably normal in most of my SNPs. The only outlier above a max significance of 4 is a high risk of thrombosis which is at a max significance of 11. Which I am doing further genetic testing on to see whether it’s worth thinking about a prophylaxis.


@richard Happy for you on the 3/3! Hope you can figure out the thrombosis part…please keep us posted.

(Nancy ) #40

Look up “Strategene” by Dr. Ben Lynch. I just finished a week of listening to experts from James Maskell’s Gene Summit and Lynch’s no nonsense approach backed up by current research will give meaningful information regarding your SNPs. Once you have done the 23 and me, Stratagene uses that data and does a more thorough analysis of the SNPs. $45 is all it costs.