Cal Deficit and Uping calories

(Heather Meyer) #1

Okay… so i have naturally fallen into a fastinf pattern that looks like this…

Mon -24:1
Tues- 20:4
Wed -24:1
Th - 20:4
Fri- 20:4
Sat- 16:8 Eat up to calorie limit
Sun - no fast; keep carbs under 25 eat as many calories.

So on my 20/4 days i am eating around 800-1000 calories
On my 24 hour days im getting 500-600 calorie days.
On my 16/8 saturday im getting around 1600
On Sunday im eating around 2200

So ive noticed that my body loves the 20 hours deal. My issue on 24 hour days is that i have to end my fast after my swim and my swim ends at 9 which means eating at 930 by the time i get home. So i only really have an hour before i need to stop because my body needs to digest before bed. And on my 20 hour days its higher but not beyond 1000 calories. I just dont have an appetite ect.

So… my question is… 20/4 and 24/1 okay to do 5 days a week permitting that sat and sun are high calorie days? And what i mean by ok is that it wont cause BMR slowdown ? I do have 75 lbs of extra weight on my body at least to access for energy.
Just want to make sure im not going to kill my metabolism by eating so few during the week but boosting it on weekends?

(Allie) #2

24:1 ?

Only 24 hours in my days… :joy:

(Jane) #3

It’s the magic of keto!!!

(Jane) #4

I haven’t tried what you are doing so no personal experience but changing it up line you at doing is what Megan Ramos recommends and they have a lot of experience in their clinic dealing with this.

(Allie) #5

I could really do with that extra hour :joy:

(Carl Keller) #6

If your energy stays consistent, you are not getting massively hungry and you are not feeling abnormally cold, then what you are doing is fine,

(Heather Meyer) #7

meaning… 24 hour fast…than eat for 1 hour period and then back to fasting 20 hours

(Heather Meyer) #8

NO! im special… i get 25 hours in my day! :wink:

(Heather Meyer) #9

Yay! Thats good to hear… suprisingly my body responds really well and the only time i got cold once… after breaking i added a ton of salt abd half salt and felt warm within 20 minutes

(Robert C) #11

Take another look at your schedule from a severe calorie restriction perspective. Yes, you’ll respond and drop weight but (it seems to me - not a professional) that you might ruin your metabolism.

I think (again, just opinion) that an aggressive schedule like this is better handled by several 48 and 72 hour fasts per week.