Caffeine and Autophagy

(Christina Hansen) #2

Coffee - not necessarily caffeine - boosts metabolism and inhibits the mTOR pathway, which should help - or at least not hurt - autophagy.

(Dustin Cade) #3

what about fat that may be in the coffee?

(Jennifer) #4

I don’t think fat affects it, but protein will stop the process.

(Steven Cook) #5

There is no fat in coffee.

(Dustin Cade) #6

there is mine… lots of it… (added fat)


Har har. But there is no fat in the coffee product itself. The real question would be does the fat have an effect.

To which: maybe. Likely some level of effect. This came up on the 2keto dudes podcast with Dr. Fung that was mostly about fasting. Seems you likely still get most of the benefits of a fast when on a ‘fat-fast’ but probably not the full effects. For some, the greater ease may make this a good option anyway.

(Dustin Cade) #8

also wondering how things like brushing teeth, taking vitamins and supplements, in the morning before work, drinking the BPC while at work, along with water, not eating till dinner… some info i have seen indicates that a fast ends anytime there is anything put into the body that’s not water… so I’m curious how the relates to obtaining the most out of IF and Autophagy…

(Stickin' with mammoth) #9

You haven’t been to my place for breakfast.

(Steven Cook) #10

I wouldn’t thank you for it either, I take my coffee black. Now if you want to put extra butter on my bacon then that’s a whole different story!

(Woody Dailey) #11

I have seen a couple of post that say antioxidants may stop autophagy. So
I wonder if the large amounts of antioxidants found in coffee and or tea might
also halt or slow down autophagy ? As a side note in the Fasting Mimicking
Diet it looks a couple of cups of Chamomile tea are allowed but no regular tea
or coffee.


I’m really wondering if I should Drink black coffee keurig cups to speed up fat loss on a water fast. I’m on day 4 now and I don’t want to screw up autophagy by having black coffee.

My thinking is that if autophagy works while we are fasted, our body will definitely know if were cooking up coffee. I mean if we have coffee our bodies gonna be thinking… this dude is at starbucks. stop autophagy

(KB Keto) #13

From my understanding:

black coffee may potentially increase autophagy.

Adding fat will negatively impact autophagy but still maintain a lot of the other benefits of fasting.

Summary: If autophagy is your primary goal then water or black coffee are the best options.

Caveat: I could be wrong, this is just what I’ve read on the topic.


Yes coffee stops autophagy. As you can conclude from the two links below.
Water fast + coffee = Max Fat Burning Fast
Water fast + coffee + coffee enema = Max Fat Burning / Max Detox Fast
Water fast (Water Distilled 3 Liters ONLY!) = Max Autophagy Fast

  • Pink Salt has antioxidants… Will Inhibit Autophagy. Do not use Pink Salt during Autophagy Fast.


Oh boy. Apparently Pink Salt HAS ANTIOXIDANTS! :frowning_face: i just had some this morning darn!


Someone else is saying himalayan salt (pink salt) is NOT an antioxidant.

Any Scientists on this forum that can clear this up?

Franklin Veaux, part-time mad scientist
Answered Jul 11, 2015
All salt–including ordinary table salt–“creates negative ions.” Salt is sodium chloride: NaCl. When you dissolve salt in water, it breaks up into ions: Na+ and Cl-.

Salt is not an antioxidant. Not ordinary table salt, and not Himalayan sea salt, pink or otherwise. The negative ion created by salt is a chlorine ion. Chlorine is not an antioxidant, despite the quacks who will try to take your money by telling you that it is.

(KB Keto) #17

(Andy Hanson) #18

Confused. One study says coffee inhibits autophagy and another says it increases it?

(Steve Stephenson) #19

E.g., see Cancer in a remission! for a study reference.

(Jane Lapointe) #20

So even if I drink decaf it can boost autophagy? For some reason the caffeine in coffee makes me jittery while tea and chocolate do not. Coffee with HWC and/or coconut oil is less of a problem but I want that autophagy!

(Steve Stephenson) #21

Well, I believe so; see Cancer in a remission!