BUN related question


I have had a bad virus or “cold” with sore throat, runny nose, and congestion and fever. However, since I had a blood test coming up I made sure I ate well for the few days before the blood draw.

Today I stopped by the doctor’s office for a copy of my results. I was surprised to see that my BUN was 25. Does anyone know if being feverish and sick could affect blood tests? I was assured it would not, but now I wonder. Also, BUN/Creatinine ratio is 31.

I am going to see my doctor on the 20th for a physical and am sure she will discuss the results with me. But I can’t help wondering.

By the way, my Trigs are 68, HDL 58, LDL 14, LDL/HDL ratio 3.6. Even though my total cholesterol is 278, I am thinking this isn’t bad. Anyway, I really don’t worry about cholesterol.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #2

Trigs and hdl look great. But an ldl of 14 must be a typo?


Yes, thanks! It is a typo. LDL is 206, VLDL is 14. Just saw my doctor today. She wasn’t worried at all about the BUN number, but was a little worried about my LDL. Even so, she seemed reluctant to offer cholesterol meds. I told her I wouldn’t take them anyway since I know diet affects cholesterol numbers so quickly and that I would be more inclined to take a CAC test. I also pointed out out my Trig/HDL ratio was good.

Unfortunately, my blood pressure was up again today 160/83. I am still sick, and hope it has something to do with that. It has been nice and low for so long that I stopped checking. I promised her I would check it regularly and keep track and go back to see her in 3 months.

She prescribed an inhaler for me which I probably won’t use since my breathing has been steadily improving over the last few days (virus).

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How long have you been keto? Your blood pressure should come down over time.


I’ve been strict keto since August 26, 2018. That’s why I was surprised by the increase. The only thing I can assume is that it has something to do with my being sick. That, or my electrolytes were off this morning.

I agree it’s strange. I guess time will tell as I will check it on my home machine and the one at the local Wal-mart to if it comes down.

Also, I’ve been low on sleep for the last week or so as I haven’t slept well while sick. Perhaps more sleep will help. Or perhaps I’m one of the few salt sensitive people.

(Ian) #6

While sick has you taken many Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin or ibuprofen, which I believe may increase blood pressure?


No. I haven’t taken anything. I have been sipping hot cinnamon tea with slices of ginger root daily. Nothing for fever or sore throat. It’s odd.

I haven’t checked my BP since this morning at the doctor’s office and they checked it twice. I will check it in the morning and see what it is like.

(Bob M) #8

My blood pressure, which I take every morning I’m at work, can vary quite a bit, although it never gets as high as yours was. However, I’ve also never taken it while I’ve been sick.


Still high this morning, so I’m fasting today. Not sure if this will make any difference, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

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Well, that helps me. In fact, I had to end my longest fast (5.5 days) because I was getting dizzy while standing.

Good luck!


Thanks! This is so odd. Hope my BP goes down soon!!!