Bulletproof coffee leaves a buttery after taste all day?

(John Spanos) #1

I just recently tried bulletproof coffee after thinking I could never like such a thing for months. I’m not a huge coffee fan and coconut isn’t a flavor that I just love. But after giving it a try I must say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I use about 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp coconut oil in a cup and only have one in the morning. I’ve noticed that I have a buttery taste in my mouth all day if I have one. It persists even after multiple bushings and eating other meals. No one has said anything if they notice, and my 4 year old daughter would have said something for sure!

Anyone else notice this or have an idea about why this may be? Or maybe I’m just crazy…

Also, I’m not complaining… I kind of like it!

(Jan) #2

Normally I drink my coffee black.

When I tasted the BPC for the first time I thought it was very gross, mostly because I used coconut oil with coconut flavour. Now I’m using flavourless coconut oil, which helps a lot(!) and do a double shot of coffee.
This helps mitigating the taste of butter, oil and heavy cream a bit. If it doesn’t, a triple shot of coffee might help :wink:


I have the same experience with butter - so I’ve doubled up on the coconut oil and added some frothed heavy cream and I enjoy so much more.