Building muscle and burning fat


i was just wondering, if fat adapted is it possible to use the fat on my body for fuel at the gym and just eat my mass in protien and cut down on the fat eating. im trying to build muscle and burn fat.

(Carpe salata!) #2

Yes but apparently the body can only access so much energy from each kg of body fat per day. So you might need some minimal fat.

Someone will have the details?


that makes sense well im gona experiment with it. i find it hard to eat 114 grams of protien without fat anyways

(Deb) #4

Each lb of body fat can provide 31.5 calories of energy per day. Using body fat for energy during a workout, you don’t “hit the wall” because you don’t depend on carbs. I work out fasted every time.

(John) #5

We use high levels of fat for fuel when in aerobic states, but there is a lot of confusion with keto peeps that we don’t use glucose and this is very much false. We have glucose in our blood, muscle, and liver at all times and we use it at all times, and it gets replenished the same as a carb-eaters. We don’t carry as much in our liver as carb folks but have about the same in our muscles, we just use fat much more efficiently than they do.

Your body is going to use the fat for energy, yes, but when lifting you will be using mostly your stored glucose, but that’s ok you replenish it automatically without having to eat carbs. My only concern with your idea is that if you consume protein and your body is lower on carbs, it may use the protein as a fuel source to quickly get your glucose levels back. If I were to try this I would leave a window of not eating before lifting, and make that amount up post-workout.

Here is a related image on oxidation levels and then link to the FASTER study that has a ton of info about how fat and carbs are utilized, the only change for this question is that lifting heavy is anaerobic so it uses way more carb.



thank you for the info

(Justin Russell) #7

I think both are different phases. While doing workout the first goal is to loose fats, if you have extra amount. After that the phase of building muscles takes place, where diet plays a major role in strengthening and building muscle. In my workout training i did a lot of changes in my whole diet, water consumption was most prominent, you can get the whole idea of foods for muscle building from here . The process takes time, but following the boundaries in diet and workout may help in achieving results accurately.