Broken profile images/problems with notifications


Not sure if it’s from the new server or my updated Firefox but I get errors for all the profile images. Also can’t upload photos either. Anyone else experiencing this?

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(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #2

Yes, me too, I believe they are doing updates.

(Omar) #3

me too

slow browsing as well


…aaaand they’re back. All fixed by the looks of it.

(Omar) #5

also I am not getting the notifications on the profile icon

(Bacon is the new bacon) #6

The problem should have resolved itself, but it it’s still persisting for you, try logging out and back in again. Also, if you’re having trouble with your own avatar, take a look at your profile settings. I messed my avatar up during the periodic ups and downs last evening (GMT - 5), but when I logged in this morning, the photo was there, waiting for me to switch back to it; I didn’t have to re-upload it, just select it and save my profile.

(MelissaH) #7

I’m not getting notifications either @PaulL a few others I chat with regularly aren’t as well.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #8

Thanks for letting me know. Does this seem to be because your settings have changed, or are the settings correct and not being implemented?

P.S.—Check the notifications settings in your profile, to see if live notifications has been turned off, somehow.

(MelissaH) #9

Where did your message go @PaulL? I was trying to reference it to fix the problem

(Bacon is the new bacon) #10

Sorry about that. We were testing something, and I didn’t want to use anyone else’s post.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #11

There seems to be a system-wide problem with notifications, even on watched topics. The only notifications going through are about likes. We are trying to figure it out and get it all working again. Thank you for your patience.

At least the move to the new server is now complete. I think. :smile:

(Carl Keller) #12

When I respond to someone, I’ve been giving them a like on their comment to draw their attention to the thread. I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s comments if they responded to me.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #13

You’re so sensible Carl!

(Sharing the Bacon Love since 2018) #14

Oh, wait a minute, I wasn’t responding to your comment, I was just giving it a like.

But now I’ve responded, so never mind. :slight_smile:

(Bacon is the new bacon) #15

Notifications seem to be starting back up, but there are likely to be irregularities for a while yet. (I just got a notification that I received a private message, and I’d already replied to it.)

(Sharing the Bacon Love since 2018) #16

Don’t worry, I’ve already addressed this.