% bodyfat variations (from scale) - gaining %fat but weight the same?


(Mike Cislo) #1

I have an interesting issue regarding my scale reporting my % body fat is increasing, while my weight is stable.

I have been “doing Keto” for about 8 months and have been maintaining an intake of 50 carbs or less. I am a 6’2" male 50 y.o. that started at about 224 lbs 27% bf, and got down to about 195 lbs with 21% bf. but for the last several several months my % body fat has crept back up to 24%, but the scale still say 197 lbs. (I have an Aria Scale that tracks this - not sure how accurate it is, but it’s the same scale I started with).

I have not been as active lately, and tried to reduce my %fat intake, but was wondering if this common or if there are things that I should be doing to get this back down? I have never fasted (never real felt the need to) but I feel that %body fat should be fairly stable if my weight is stable - so this makes me think I am gaining fat and losing (muscle? brains? :wink:)

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this? - I will be getting the blood work done here shortly and I am interested in seeing the numbers.

(Scott Shillady) #2

Try limiting carbs to 20 or less, carbs are one of the #1 reasons for stalls or increase. Less carbs more Bacon, butter and Brie

(Tom) #3

I’d personally ignore what the scale says as far as body fat %. It appears that the Aria uses bioelectrical impedance to estimate bodyfat. Problem is, it’s only accurate if everything is the same day to day, and nothing ever really is.

From wikipedia:

Dehydration is a recognized factor affecting BIA measurements as it causes an increase in the body’s electrical resistance, so has been measured to cause a 5 kg underestimation of fat-free mass i.e. an overestimation of body fat.[3]

Body fat measurements are lower when measurements are taken shortly after consumption of a meal, causing a variation between highest and lowest readings of body fat percentage taken throughout the day of up to 4.2% of body fat.[4]

The wiki page does argue that it could be used to measure an individual’s changes over time, but I suspect that such things were not designed with a ketogenic lifestyle in mind, given that we don’t retain water like people not in ketosis do.


(ianrobo) #4

I have a body fat scale and fairly standard readings but don’t trust the actual reading, use as a trend and nothing else.

(Mike Cislo) #5

Thanks - I thought that less carbs, but since I was maintaining my weight I was happy (and feeling good). I will make an effort for less carbs and see if there are any changes and let the forum know!