Body By Science (aka 1xweek workout) - WOMEN!


Yay! I love the responses and interest!! This is gonna be a THING!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Today (6 days from the last one) my workout was 7 min and 55 seconds. I am having a hard time figuring out the right weight so I think some were too heavy because I failed soon.
Of my 5 machines my times were

And… Hungry. Lol. Eating.


Another interesting thing, even though this wasn’t the goal, I’ve lost a couple more pounds In the last couple weeks. I am below my original goal weight, but wouldn’t mind losing more thigh and butt fat. I don’t really care if that’s in pounds. But apparently it does weigh something. Not mad!


well with the gyms closed because of social distancing (and rightly so), I did a body-weight routine @ home for my weekly BBS yesterday and it was pretty silly. lol. I really do much better with machines because I don’t trust my own form, and, just… eh. So I did super slow: squats, push ups (not sure I ever was able to go all the way down for even one push up), a plank, and wall sits, all of which I don’t think was very organized or probably not even the right list of exercises, but… again, eh. My whole workout was 7 min. I need to find a really good body-strength routine list and try to follow it.

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Since the beginning of the year I have been doing bodyweight HIT following Project Kratos from Drew Baye. The ebook guides run about $69.

I’ve been happy with the workouts, though it took a few times through before I felt comfortable with form and effort.