Body autonomy


I’m guessing you want “your body to be a temple”. Not so much a megachurch.

The mainstream media down here in the lost armpit of the world is (yes, it is a monopoly) mentioning body autonomy. They are spinning it to sound like it’s a bad thing to control what goes in one’s body. But isn’t that what eating is all about? What we feed into our body through our mouth. (Social media are the toxins we feed into our body through our eyes).We have so many people trying to control other people, rather than advise toward better health. Or, better yet, just listen… As an elder softly said to me recently, “You have two ears and only one mouth.”

The biggest threat to body autonomy, in my experience, is me. Food addictions and cravings rear their ugly heads at times of stress, like holiday times, and there are the siren songs of self comfort seducing us toward the dangerous rocks.

I think November is well named. Just remove the “vember” and scream. Scream into the storm of food addiction disembodied whispers, stomach cramping craving, and machinations of food pimps and hustlers, with their obfuscation, scream the great big "No!"

Or, the polite “no thank you”, if you are English.

#meat too movement

(Polly) #2

Amen to “no thank you”

(Tracy Cooper) #3

“No, thank you” indeed.