Blood sugar spike?

(Christian Lillebø ) #1

Just got my first glucometer. My readings are 80mg fasted in the morning and my ketones are around 1-1,5 but rising weekly. My question is. How do I use the glucometer to test out different foods? I have been testing my BS about and hour after eating and some times I see a small rise in BS and sometimes a drop? What does this indicate?

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(Sonia A.) #2

@richard made a great tuto on how to test your reaction to different food. You’ll find it here :


It is useful to test prior to eating to get your base line and then at 30 minute intervals after eating up to 2 hours to see the impact of the food. You should return to baseline around two hours after eating. An insulinogenic response to something like sweeteners would potentially show as a DROP in blood sugar. @richard has written about this here…

Hope this helps.