Blood sugar spike help

(David ) #1

Well now I did it and need some help. I was a bad boy today and in a weak moment made a bag a popcorn and had several vanilla wafers. Then I laid down and took a nap.
I took a Bs reading when I got up and it read 299 I about fainted took it again and it was 295. I don’t know why I do this to myself why?
So I went for a brisk 15 minute walk and took another reading and it was 93 my question how can that possibly be??? How can it go from 299 to under a 100 in 15 to 20 minutes???
I guess I just can’t eat anything carb ever. When will I learn? Thanks for listening and help.

(Bob M) #2

I doubt that would happen. That’s really fast. I’d suspect some contamination or something similar. (If you said an hour later…I could accept that; but 15 minutes later? Hard to believe.)

(David ) #3

Your right about that from the time I woke up and took first reading to the time I took brisk walk and came home again was surely longer than 15 or 20 minutes. I was just so upset with myself. Sorry if you find what I say hard to believe. Thanks for the help

(Bacon is better) #4

I think that what Bob was saying was that the abnormally high reading resulted from something on your hands. It was probably not as bad as the reading you got. If it went down 200 points as fast as you think it did, then that would indicate a horrific insulin response, and I seriously doubt that your blood sugar would have stopped at 93; it would most likely have dropped to hypoglycaemic levels and you would have been in real trouble. So I vote that the readings close to 300 were spurious.

Next time you get a strange reading like that, take extra effort washing your hands before double-checking. It is likely that the second reading will be a lot closer to normal.

(Bob M) #5

It’s not that big of a deal, really, Just get back on. And maybe throw away the vanilla wafers. :wink:

(David ) #6

Thanks Bob! Yep stay away from those wafers for sure! :grinning:


Oh, you can get better at resisting or preferably avoiding temptation… Maybe some tweaking helps. I had to get rid of the carbs (mostly vegetables) messing with me and now I can’t even imagine to get too crazy… At least not often.

Erm, my main, ruling inner self is my inner hedonist and it has thoughts.
What you did isn’t hedonistic, one should enjoy whatever they chosen to eat without regret :smiley: I very nearly always did that with my off eating. But then carnivore came and I am happier with my normal food though I like to add tiny and sometimes small extras. But I can’t just start to eat carbs galore, that wouldn’t even feel good at any level… So I became a way better hedonist as I mostly eat what is good for me, tasty when eaten and feels nice and don’t mess with me. IDK what people’s idea of hedonism is but enjoying ourselves and then feeling crappy or getting sick ISN’T hedonistic at all. A proper hedonist doesn’t do that. Being health-conscious and doing it right is very hedonistic. I need my health - I can manage to enjoy the hell out of my right food, whatever that is (maybe I am lucky but people can change as well). But health and feeling right is my priority anyway. As it should be.

I think we all understand weak moments here.
I had my several “I just don’t care” times… I still have but I changed so when I don’t care, I still don’t want carbs in abundance. It’s very important for me as I never resist temptation. I avoid them, most of the time.

Oh and “no carbs ever” (except from your keto food, I suppose. almost everything has carbs) may or may not work for you. Some of us just gets annoyed with such super strict rules. That’s one major reason I have my little extras. I use my carby bites in moderation so I am pleased and won’t lose my mind or feel miserable. I am a hedonist, I can’t handle feeling miserable so well.
And moderation means utterly ridiculously small amounts most of the time. They make a difference :wink:


Insulin can absolutely drop 100 points in that time, the question is, did it? If you normally check it and you’ve never seen numbers that high before than I’d go on the assumtion it wasn’t really that high.

Walking also drops BG like a rock, going for a 15min walk after meals is a very well known way to mitigate blood sugar levels.

A bag of popcorn and a couple vanilla wafers is hardly bad when you remove keto hysteria from it. Half the “normal” meals out there are way worse. It’s really not a big deal.

There’s also physiological insulin resistance to possibly consider, which is when you never eat carbs, then do, your body completely overreacts to them, it’s real.

(Rebecca ) #9

Unless you stole the popcorn and Vanilla Wafers from a starving orphan, it didn’t make you “bad”!