Blood pressure Rise

(Kathy) #1

I have read many posts about peoples BP improving after being on Keto for a while, just recently mine seems to be climbing.
This afternoon 160/83 for several months it has been 130-138 / 70-80
Dr. is happy with that.
I was at the Dr’s 2 weeks ago and it was 160/90 he said it was probably white coat syndrome… never thought any more about it… today I took it, was totally relaxed had a nice walk earlier.
I am on what is considered a mild BP Med. I have been hoping to get of it like many others seem to, but not at this rate.

Anyone else have this same issue ??
Will continue to monitor it for a few days.


(Take time to smell the bacon) #2

I am occasionally vulnerable to white-coat syndrome, so I sympathise with that high reading. Last time it happened, they re-took my pressure ten minutes later and got a much more reasonable reading. You might consider investing in a home sphygmomanometer, so that you can take your BP at random times and without angst.

A systolic of 130-38 is not great, but it’s not awful, either. Diastolic in the 70-80 range is fine. The important number is the diastolic pressure, because it’s constant; the spikes of the systolic are not of the same concern.


What are you on? An actual BP med?, or a diuretic? If a Diuretic, than it should be very fixable with dietary tweaks or exercise.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4

Mine has been running a bit high and like you I checked again when very relaxed and it was no better. It’s annoying and I can send sympathy, but have no answers. I’ll be interested to see if there’s any change after this 3 weeks holiday. Must remember to get measured!

(Kathy) #5

Not a directic

(Bob M) #6

How often can you take your blood pressure? Take it a lot if you can. This is my systolic pressure, starting on 7/24/2013, and taking it most days I’m at work:

The locations of “started LC” etc. no longer align with where they should be. Fasting seemed to lower my blood pressure the most.

But if you can take it multiple times a day for a while, it might help to see what’s going on.

(Joey) #7

@Sunlove Sorry to hear you’re seeing these somewhat unsettling systolic figures. I’m just a little confused by the situation…

Was that most recent afternoon’s reading you’re referring above to taken at the doctor’s office or was that at home?

As @PaulL notes, someone with concerns over blood pressure would be well-served to have a home measurement device ( yeah, sphygmomanometer, which is more fun to spell than to pronounce). Do you actually have one? Or are these readings of concern all taking place in the doctor’s office?

I have surprisingly low blood pressure - lowered still further by keto - but it’s always measurably higher at the doctor’s office. It likely reflects how little I enjoy being there… and I like my doctor!


Gotcha, hard to make suggestions not knowing what it is but that pretty much leaves calcium channel blockers and ARBs, either can be mimicked pretty well with keeping inflammation down and anything that increases Nitric Oxide whether natural or supplemental if you want off the meds.

(Kathy) #9

Hello, yes I take it a number of times a day, took my recorded levels ( over 2 weeks varies times) into the Doctor yesterday. He was not concerned appreciated the recordings, but said not to worry unless it goes up over 140/90 on a regular basis. it seems like there was only 4-5 days where it jumped.

I have my own monitor which is coming up to about 10 years old. I took it to the clinic last summer to compare with theirs, bang on.

Still I was hoping my BP would come down a bit and get off meds, he considers mine a mild one, so I shall live with it.

Thank you all for your input. :slight_smile:

(Tim Cee) #10

Hypertension is my primary health struggle. At the worst it landed me in the ER. Here’s a few thoughts based on my own experience.
The reason doctors are okay with 140/90 as a treatment threshold is that there is scant clinical data to suggest the risk associated with increasing meds to get below outweighs the risk of the hypertension itself. However, it is correct that a short term deviation is not a concern if the average is normally at target levels. The deviation could have been caused by a variety of transient factors. However, personally I find a strong affect from anything that raises insulin. If I eat more than once per day, overeat, eat carbs, stay up too late, get up too early, worry, watch the news, fight with work… also my BP is higher after exercise.

(Tim Cee) #11

Since the labels are misaligned, not clear, but is your BP drifting upwards gradually? @ctviggen