Blood glucose after eating


Today I went to a pub and choices where not very keto friendly. I had two small fish cakes and salad. I’m over my carb limit quite a bit. Even just a little bit of breadcrumbs on my fish cakes increased my blood glucose from around 4,5 to 8 2 hours after eating. My ketones remained 1.8mmol. I’m quite shocked that my glucose is this high as I never recollect it to be like this before. I’m proper keto bellow 15 g carbs normally plus fasting. The food I had I thought would be the least damaging on the menu. I suppose it’s a learning curve. I think I heard somewhere that your body digest food differently post fasting. I wish I had CGM it would be interesting to know. I will recheck 3 hours after eating. I’m wondering why is my body so sensitive to these carbs. I feel jump is quite significant. Any ideas? Thank you.

(Robin) #2

You already know where you went astray.
That’s how most of us learn. :thinking: :grin:


It took about 3 hours to get back in to what I consider my normal range. Luckily I stayed in ketosis. Won’t be doing that any time soon. I’m just astonished that’s all. Before I started keto eating I would never know my glucose so have nothing to compare it to. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Jane) #4

Here are my CGM results when I wore one:

Testing a carby meal (can’t remember what now), keto dinner.

Chicken and dumplings for lunch, keto dinner:


Fried rice! (first time I ate this in over 5 years):

Btw, my GCM read about 20 points lower than my glucose monitor but it was consistent, so the trends are good.


Wow it really is an eye opener Janie. Thank you for sharing.

(Bob M) #6

Wow, that fried rice was a spike.