Black on white

(Jane Reed) #1

Ahhhhh, I like this better, black type on white background.

(jketoscribe) #2

Wow, I just noticed it when you said it! Looking forward to being able to see it on my computer screen.

Thanks to whomever changed it. White on black looked great on my phone but was nearly illegible on my computer screen.

(Donna Sulz) #3

Much better!

(Jessica K) #4

Yes! I had been looking to see if there were customizable “themes”. Black backgrounds are great in the dark but difficult in regular lighting :slight_smile: It looks so much cleaner now!

(Kieny Poppen) #5

Much better on the aging eyes!

(Christina) #6

Muuuuuuch better!!! I vote for black on white!

(Robin) #7

Be sure to vote in the Color Palette survey!

(Kieny Poppen) #8

done :slight_smile: