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So…I’m like day 5 in and I am such a bitch. I can’t help myself. My moods are swinging like theres no tomorrow one minute I’m more peaceful than I’ve ever been in my life then the next I’m feeling anger fits and need to be alone so I dont accidentally make a snarky comment towards my loved ones…its like my previous anxiety has just turned into anger? But I feel great?! like unusually good. Does this let up ever? I’m seriously scaring off my fiance’:yum:

On a side note its been 4 days since I’ve been clear of the joint inflammation I’ve had my entire life. That’s a miracle!


Hang in there it goes away, don’t kill anyone.


electrolytes !!! Salt, and bone broth. it will not stop it but will help. You are going through withdrawals not much different than morphine withdrawals

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Progesterone (aromatase conversion; 17a-Hydroxyprogesterone): adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol: Stress Hormones and Heart Disease: Increase Progesterone and decrease Cortisol

Why Am I Feeling Irritable on Keto (The Ketogenic Diet)? Dr. Berg talks about feeling irritable on keto (the ketogenic diet). When you keto adapt and change your metabolism from sugar to fat, you will need additional nutrients (B-vitamins, minerals like potassium). This can come from low blood sugars. Because the brain doesn’t contain stored glucose (glycogen), it depends on glucose from the blood and if there is low blood sugars, not enough fuel, this can severely affect how you feel in the head (thus the irritable and moody brain). This is is why it key to run your body on ketones instead. Keto and intermittent fasting must be done together and you need to use high quality foods. If your trying to do with without enough potassium foods (large amounts of vegetables), you may not feel correct. Its these nutrients that help fix insulin resistance and stabilize your blood sugars.

How to Lower Cortisol: Cortisol can be reduced by increasing GH and IGE, as well as, getting sunshine(vitamin D), walking and potassium foods and much more–watch the video to learn more.

Cortisol, which is a stress hormone, is destructive and makes belly fat.

Cortisol is made by the outside of the adrenal gland. Growth hormone, which is an anti-aging hormone, opposes cortisol. But as you age, this opposing hormone goes down and bottoms out when a person is about the age of 50 years old.

Growth hormone is inversely proportional to cortisol. Cortisol goes higher when it is unopposed or when there is nothing to push it down.

Anything that helps increase the growth hormone will help lower cortisol.

Growth hormone is made by a gland in the pituitary and works with the liver. It is also activated when you sleep. If you can improve your sleep or get more sleep, your cortisol will naturally lower.

IGF or Insulin-like growth factor, a hormone which is produced by the liver, is similar to growth hormone. IGF regulates fat burning and blood sugar as you sleep and when you are not eating.

If you are eating all day you will not trigger the growth hormone unless you are sleeping well.


Your “bitchy” mood? I think that might be up to you. I don’t associate my moods with my diet, but I suppose they could be related or influenced by what you eat… I dunno

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How Food Affects Your Mood / Improve Anxiety, Depression & ADD: Dr. Berg discusses the relationship between your mood and food. In this video, Dr. Berg explains how curing the symptoms of depression and anxiety instead of the cause can produce more problems. He also explains the different sources of anxiety and depression.

See Also: How to Test Your Adrenal Function


Yes, sugar/simple carb withdrawal is rough and can definitely have that effect, as I’ve experienced myself. Thankfully, it’s temporary.

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Seeing as I’m not normally ever in a bitchy mood this is definitely diet change.

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Thank you everyone I’ll look at those articles


Opportunity for growth. You don’t need to indulge your anger. Get outside of yourself and see how arbitrary it all is. Behave “as if” you have impeccable character. Acknowledge your capacity for cruelty and transcend it.

We all have been there. Some of us can get beyond it. Some cannot. Which will you be?

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@atomicspacebunny that was very helpful thank you <3


I cut sugar before starting keto and I went through the same thing. It’s not just a little moodiness, but an inexplicable rage and anger (at least for me).
And yes it was ABSOLUTELY diet related without a doubt. It’s gotten much better (I’m 3 weeks into keto, about 4-5 weeks sugar free), but when I’m tired at the end of the day I can be quite snippy still. I’ve also found soreness in my joints and/or muscles (I’m 36 - don’t think it’s age related), so it certainly could be some sort of deficiency.


Yay! That’s amazing!!!