Bison or Elk meat in Los Angeles

(Antony Collins) #1

Hey all…Im off to Los Angeles today (from Sydney). Im keen to go to a top end restaurant to try either Elk meat or Bison meat. Any suggestions of good places I could go for a nice meal? You cant get these two meats here in Australia.

Let me know…thanks Antony.


Harmony Farms is my secret spot in La Cresenta (North of Glendale), they’ll have it all and camel, aliigator, iguana too. If you aren’t the eastside, whole foods actually has good bison, don’t think any Elk though.

Harmony has tons of Aussie Wagyu too, dirt cheap about 11-13$ a steak.

(Bart) #3

Not sure if they have elk or bison but I would not be surprised if one of them does. Bison is more common at restaurants than elk, but that is not to say you will not find elk.

(Mark) #4

You can try bareburger or bugerlounge,or if you have time for a day trip,you can go have a bison burger out on Catalina island,they have bison herds roaming the island ,they have a no kill policy so they bring the bison burgers from other bison ranches,but it’s nice to take the high speed ferry out there to get away from the crowds of Los Angeles and see the bison up close,bareburger has elk burgers,sort of lean,but don’t forget to get an IN-N-OUT Burger you can order it protein style wrapped in lettuce or get my order 2 flying Dutchman’s,which is just beef and cheese,had a couple last night before starting this four day fast, they aren’t on the menu but they will know what it is,they call it the “Secret Menu”

(Mark) #5

And if you want a nicer restaurant ,check out saddle peak Lodge they have exotic meats,not far from Malibu Beach which is nice it’s a little bit of a drive from L A but not that bad worth the drive,some of the beaches are blocked by millionaires who don’t want you down there, but it’s illegal, so if you want, look up Malibu Beach access and you will find the secret entryways to get down to the good spots,all beaches are available to everyone because of the California coastal commission, but millionaires and billionaires think they are above the law,they think they own the beaches in front of their homes and try to make it hard for people to access them

(Antony Collins) #6

Thanks all !


I didn’t read your post correctly. If you want a meat fix go to…

Animal -

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quail fry, grits, slab bacon, kale, maple jus
foie gras loco moco, quail egg, spam, hamburger
bone-in ribeye, potato aligot, foie gras sauce MP

(Bart) #8

Oh yeah! I at this reasturant about four years ago! It was fantastic! I was not Keto yet, so I need to go again, I will appreciate it even more!

(Mark) #9

You can make a side trip to Michigan and go hunt your own meat with Ted Nugent,or he can meet you in Colorado and you can bag your own elk,he likes to use the bow and arrow wild man style