Bilirubin concerns

(Mandy) #1

Hi all,

Got some additional information from my physical. My doctor sent a note stating I needed to see a urologist. The things I see are somewhat alarming.

bilirubin, urine : positive
Blood, urine: positive
Bacteria, urine: present
Mucous, urine: present

While I know I shouldn’t Google, the most concerning is the bilirubin. It’s presence overwhelming related to liver disease. I’ve been having some pretty substantial right rib pain, so I’m pretty worried my years of daily wine intake have finally caught up.

While I will obviously speak to my doctor, I wanted to make sure none of this could be diet related. And a urologist? Seems like it could be more serious than that.

Edit: there was no bilirubin in my blood and my ALT, AST, albumin was all normal.

Thanks for reading.


Could be a false positive. You might also have a urinary tract infection. See the urologist. I wouldn’t read too much into it if your blood levels are normal.

(Mandy) #3

Thanks for the reply. I’m definitely going to see a urologist and hope it’s something minor.

(Old Baconian) #4

Urine is usually sterile when excreted (it is a good source of nutrients, however, so it doesn’t stay sterile very long), so the presence of bacteria in the urine is a sign of infection. Do be sure to get checked out.

(Mandy) #5

Thanks Paul. Odd enough, she said I did not have a UTI. Not sure if that means it’s in a more serious location. Kidney?

(Old Baconian) #6

Dunno, sorry! I will say, however, that she doesn’t seem to be explaining herself very clearly.

(Mandy) #7

Haha! I agree!

(Mandy) #8

Finally had my appointment with the urologist. He stated that while my family doctor was right to be a little concerned, there was no more than 4 red blood cells in my urine and the bacteria culture was negative. He also said that today’s sample showed no bilirubin and that it was probably due to the red blood cell breakdown from fasting. While all of this is good news, its frustrating for someone to not be able to find the source of a constant rib/side pain I have. back to the drawing board.

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(Katie) #9

Have you done any rigorous exercise?

(Mandy) #10

I have not. No exercise at all.


Do you have your gall bladder? Could be very sticky bile and/or gallstones.

(Mandy) #12

I actually do not have my gallbladder any longer. It was removed years ago.

(Maria Giandon) #13

How have you been regarding keto and labs? I had trace blood and “Small” bilirubin come u in a dipstick urine test. I am beyond freaked out. Yes my urine is darker but I thought it was dehydration from OMAD. Would love to know how you are. Oh and my urine tests for the last 3 months were all 3 nothing noted…so crazy.