Biggest workout since starting Keto

(Chris Wolfgram) #1

So it’s been 3 full weeks now, and I’m feeling more adjusted every day.

I have done a several hour hike with a 40lb pack (mostly camera, and a lot of water :slightly_smiling_face:) with a few hundred feet of elevation gain. That was pretty good.
And I’ve done 60 minutes on the treadmill at Max elevation. (15 degrees) That told me I burned 600 cals… But I always felt I was a big, inefficient caveman, and I burn 1000 cals, when a normal person burns 600… Maybe that’s debateable :slightly_smiling_face: lol

But today, I busted my arse for about 5 hrs … I moved 4500 lbs of sand (about 20 wheel barrel loads), shoveling it off of the driveway, and wheel barrelling it to the back yard, about 75 feet away, navigating through a gate and over rough terrain…
Then leveling it all out, to prep for a new pool.

That definitely kicked my arse, but you know what ? After the best shower ever in the history of showers, I feel good :slightly_smiling_face: Haven’t eaten anything for 12 hrs, but BBQ’ing baby back ribs while I type this :grin: Whood hooo ! :grin:

I can feel the weight just falling off !
Going to need to put on some muscle here soon !
Don’t want to be freaking skinny… I want to be lean with substantial muscle ! :wink:

(charlie3) #2

Take a long view. After a life time as a carb burner it’s not likely you’ll transition to fully fat adapted fast and easy. I had energy issues off and on for months. I believe fat adaption can progress ‘rapidly’ in the early months but improvements will continue for more months, may be years. I also suspect the younger and/or active someone is the easier and faster it happens. After 14 months I’m completely hooked on real food/low carb. Can’t imagine ever going back (not withstanding the rare occaisional lapse).

(Chris Wolfgram) #3

I hear you, and that’s probably true…
But I’m feeling really good, and going long stretches without feeling hungry. Even right now… Those ribs are smelling freaking awesome, but my stomach is not hurting with hunger like it did after 4 hrs without food when I ate so many carbs !

Honestly, knowing my OCD self, I can’t see ANY lapses, cheat meals, slip ups, etc in the future. I have developed straight tunnel vision with the Keto WOE :slightly_smiling_face: This feels too easy ! Automatic !

Heck, even if I have to get a fast food burger(s)… Skip the buns, And the fries, and it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face: