Better firefighter

(Kirk) #1

We had a major fire here this week. I operated the heavy rescue truck during the fire, and after two hours sleep worked with the fire investigators for a twelve hour day, followed that night with a three AM rollover MVA up on the highway. Lots of physical effort for a 62 year old firefighter, but being below my high school weight and living the clean keto life makes it possible.

One funny moment was when we were tracing a wire during the investigation. We had cut a 2x2 hole in the floor, which accessed a deep pit with a rickety ladder down 8 feet into water of unknown depth. Someone has to go down there. We all look at each other. All my grain fed friends are 250 plus. The skinny old guy goes down the hole.

(Sophie) #2

My Hero! Well done! :clap::clap::clap: