Best prices freestyle libre 2 CGM



Insurance clearly doesn’t cover these for me as a) I am not diabetic and b) my insurance only covers the stick yourself monitors anyway. As I wanted to do an experiment to learn more about my responses to exercise, meals (of various types) and general insulin response (indirectly) I tried to get these inexpensively. Well the “retail” price is like 150$ for 14 days (hah!) but I got started with the free trial while I checked prices. I found that a 6 month purchase using goodrx (and its competitors) runs about 60$ for each 14-day unit. I decided that would be acceptable even though it wound up being $4.29/day

but when I went to CVS I found they don’t accept goodrx any more. So I transferred the Rx to HEB a wonderful regional grocery chain all of us Texans like and the guy said — let’s check our cash price.

210$ for 6, or 35$ each unit. $1.25 per day. That now looks like an acceptable number.

My plan is to return and report once I have a few months data.


Can you tell me how you got the free trial? I looked into it and was told I was not eligible because I don’t take insulin.


It is advertised on their website. You will need an Rx from a friendly doctor



Yes, tried it. Signed up but it says I’m not qualified as I don’t use insulin.

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I think it’s $2.50/day $35/sensor, each sensor lasts 14 days, 35/14 = $2.5/day. $70/month.

Where are the watches with glucose monitoring?