Best (and Simplest) Keto (Recipes) Book

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Hi all! My sister in law is going keto (yaaayyyy!!!) and she is completely clueless when it comes to nutrition AND technology. I gave her the basics on keto and she is going to the store today. Currently about 75% of what they eat is processed and she is NOT good at cooking. I’m looking for the very simplest book of keto recipes to get her started. I don’t want to confuse her with complicated recipes, bread replacements, and especially artificial sweeteners and fat bombs. I want to help her learn healthy eating habits with simple, real food recipes.



My favorite recipe books are by Maria Emmerich. Her books explain kept very well and answer many questions for a newbie. Her recipes are wonderful! Your sister-in-law may be able to find them at her local library!


Forgive me, but, bacon and eggs. I also cook salmon in bacon fat and sprinkle it with parmesan cheese. That never gets old to me.

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Does it have to be a book? I started with the basic education and recipes on &
It was really helpful.

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I don’t have a book, but although I cook every night, I don’t fuss - and it’s still delicious. If she doesn’t have one already, have her invest in a cast iron pan. I got mine from the grocery store for less than $20. I use it every single day. Dinner consists of a pan seared piece of meat (pork, beef, hamburger or chicken), with salt and pepper only. When we have chicken breast, I’ll make a cream/parmesan sauce for added fat. Then, we usually have a small amount of steamed vegetable with bacon grease or butter. If I am hungry during the day, I’ll make a couple of eggs and bacon, or just bacon slices, hard boiled egg, gouda cheese or a couple of pepperoni chunks. Sometimes we’ll have chicken wings in the air fryer with dinner with just hot sauce and a little blue cheese. You really don’t have to fuss to eat well. Sauted hamburger is good with broccoli or cole slaw thrown in all together.