Being cold as consequence of fasting


(Bob M) #22

Quite shocking, really:

I’ve often wondered if one of the reasons longer term fasting works is due to burning fat and removing some of the PUFAs from our fat cells? I also wonder if something similar is occurring in high P:E diets (higher protein, lower fat), though protein always throws a wrench into the works (higher protein is associated with higher energy output).

I also wonder if this could be one reason why some lose weight quickly on keto and some take a while? Maybe there’s less PUFAs in those who lose weight quickly?

(Utility Muffin Research Kitchen) #23

My thoughts, exactly. Many case reports of people where bloodwork normalizes after they are weight stable. I guess if your lipid cells contain a lot of omega-6, losing weight will flood you with omega-6. With all negative consequences.