BBC’s UK Dietary Dr. Michael Mosely


Aged 67 years. In the news.

(Bob M) #2

Is he the man who died somehow?

(KM) #3

I looked him up. Dr Mosley had a similar protocol to Dr Atkins, “The Fast 800”. Low carb low-cal with IF, short-term with reintroduced carbs later on.

He was vacationing in Greece and apparently wandered off his trail, succumbed to heat exhaustion and died in a declivity just yards from the beach where he would have been easily found. I think there was a question of foul play for a while, which was ruled out after they realized what happened.

(Bob M) #4

That’s devastating. I always think of Greece as being this idyllic place to vacation, but that’s not knowing anything about the country and only seeing people vacationing. Hmm…much more varied than I thought:


(Alec) #5

Michael Mosley was one of my heroes for a while… I followed the 5:2 diet for 18 months and did really well on it: 5 days of eating and 2 days of fasting. His “fasting” protocol was 5-600 cals on the “fasting” day… I didn’t like that, I just fasted properly for 42 hrs between dinner day1 to breakfast/lunch on day3. And why did it work… you guessed it, insulin. Very simple. Give the body a rest from eating and insulin drops and you start eating bodyfat. Ketones gave me a fantastic high each morning after my fast.

I couldn’t stick to it though (like every other diet I had tried over my life) and the weight came back. Carni is different… hungry? I eat meat. Still hungry? I eat some more. It is very rare I eat more because fatty meat is so satiating. In fact most days I now have to leave some on the plate because I overestimate how much I need.

But back to Dr Mosley. He was a great broadcaster, made loads of interesting programmes in the UK. It was interesting to watch his knowledge and beliefs develop over a long period of time. I don’t think he ever vocally supported keto, but there was a lot of what he suggested that was similar in principle.

A very sad loss. From the lens of what I knew about him from his broadcast work he was a good guy and a great communicator. I was shocked when I heard he was missing, and I followed the story closely through to its tragic end. The saddest part is that he was literally 30 yards from safety when he died. RIP Dr Mike.

(Bob M) #6

I did not realize he was one of those who popularized the 5:2 diet. He was hiking in what looks like a somewhat inhospitable place:

Looked to be in good shape for 67.

(Alec) #7

He was in excellent shape for 67. But he had had some health issues (fainting/passing out) in extreme temperatures previously. So why he chose to go do a solo walk with no phone in unfamiliar territory on a really hot day is a big question. Very bad decision in hindsight.

He had walked through that rocky terrain for a long walk, but they found him on the path behind a wall 30 yards from a beach resort cafe. So sad.

This reminds me (again) of the delicacy of life, and to make the most of every day. Which is part of the reason I have retired.


Very sorry to hear about Michael Moseley. It was his BBC Horizon fasting documentary (the 5:2 diet) in 2012 which was one of the key moments for me in learning how important the link was between diet and health. Robert Lustigs sugar talk on youtube was my first nudge in the right direction but I thought at the time that it couldnt be true because otherwise it would surely be widely publicized (oh how naive I was)!!! The third step was finding the 2 keto dudes podcast while doing a Michael Mosely insipired fast several years later. Im now on the fourth (and hopefully final) step - ancestral eating / carnivore. Every step has made me healthier and fitter than Ive ever been in my life. I owe my health to all of the above mentioned amazing people, but especially to Michael Moseley who was the spark who lit the fire. Rest in peace Dr Moseley.


Theres a nice tribute documentary about Micheal Mosely on BBC iplayer at the moment. Viewable with a VPN for those outside the UK. The man put himself through some stuff in the name of health experiments - I forgot about the time he flew to Kenya to give himself tapeworms! Thats dedication to the cause!