Battling being tired

(JC ) #1

So here is something I wanted to ask.
I ate this morning about 8:30/9am - it’s now almost 1:30 but I’m not what you would call hungry.

What I am is a bit tired and could have a nice little sleep.

Of course the old thinking is eat to refuel. But that’s goes against the fact that I’m not REALLY hungry.

I have been on this woe since August last year, I would like to think that with my ketones hovering around 0.5 I was fat adapted.

I have been healing from Fibromyalgia and also Chronic Fatigue; it isn’t as bad as when I ate carbage, I would literally have no choice but to sleep I would get that tired.

I wonder if this is like a milder form of my CFS and I do just need to keep listening to my body, go have a little power nap or if I need something else to sustain my energy.

Appreciate people’s thoughts on this.


Sounds like you may be low on salt, which is common issue, especially those new to keto WOE.

Have you tried drinking some broth? Or try other ways to get more salt into your food.

The fact that you have a satiety signal (I.e. Not hungry) but still feel tired is giving you a clue that it is likely a specific nutrient (possibly salt) and not insufficient food.

(JC ) #3

Thing is, I am not really new to this woe.
Been doing it since august.
I add salt to my food, I drink it with lemon in water
I have salted butter which I add to my food.
It’s really only been the last few days this tiredness has come over me

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

Salt is a likely option.

I would try a small spoon full of Coconut oil. The mct in coconut oil can give you a near instant energy boost.


Interesting, any other changes worth noting (sleep pattern, work load, stress factors, sports injury, weight loss, etc)?

Has your BMI changed significantly since you started keto?

(JC ) #6

I am under HUGE stress - my father is dying.
actually I have only lost 4.5kg since starting this, but my symptoms of my FM and CFS have HUGELY reduced.

I started walking again this week, for about 20mins a day = to about 1.5km
But I had been active over the Xmas break - beach walks, swimming, climbing down caves and I was ok with all of that.


My heart goes out to you, Jacie. You are facing a stressful time. Coping with aging parents is something most of us go through in life.

The good news in all of this is that you had embarked on keto WOE. This has put you in a position to be better able to cope with stressful circumstances. I can share with you some strategies that I use to cope with elevated stress. Hopefully others can chime in with something that worked for them.

Strategies that work for me:

  1. hot bath with Epsom salt at end of stressful day. Hot bath reduces blood pressure, and magnesium salt increases feeling of wellness. I do this before going to bed and I have deeper and sounder sleep.
  2. I go to bed about 2 hours earlier and force myself to sleep more. My body needs more rest during stressful times.
  3. learn to say no to volunteering. Get more “me” time, and give yourself less responsibility. You need to be frugal with free time to cope with stressful issues
  4. schedule massage appointment
  5. ask for help, especially when caring for a loved one who is sick, let others in the family help, don’t do it alone
  6. be thankful each day…even on the shittiest day, there is something to be thankful for…reflect on that
  7. be with friends and loved ones, spend time with friends and loved ones each day

These work for me…I hope you discover what works for you. Looks like you already have some strategies helping you with your walking, Swimming, climbing.

(JC ) #8

I do in fact use meditation every day, sometimes a few times a day to cope.
and I am doing a little #365Grateful on my fb page and that reminds me to be Mindful
I found today just having a fatty snack of nuts and a cup of tea with cream (wasn’t hungry for food) and watching a doco (on minimalists) was really good and I feel empowered and calm
My dad is 350km away so most of his care falls to my mother, as I have 2 kids to look after and there is not much room for us to go and stay with them at the moment. I call my mother every day and I speak to my dad if he is able to do so.
I can’t wait for my yoga class to return after their break for Xmas!

In the meantime @Fiorella thank you for your words, and for answering.

I think it’s just a matter of good times and bad times for this vessel of mine and learning ot live in the moment and accept whatever it throws up at me as if I had chosen it.