Bathroom Scales - Recommendations Please

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1

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So my present digital scales have become unreliable. I can vary by a kg from one minutes to the next!
I just want to know ‘Going Up’ or ‘Going Down’.
Budget, not too crazy please. And obviously must be UK available.

(Allie) #2

I get on really well with my Renpho.
They are smart scales so maybe more than you want though.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Oh no I like the idea of smart! Is the tech, the apps etc easy?

(Allie) #4

Really easy yes, app on my phone and can use on my watch if I want to but tend not to. Just open the app before stepping on the scale and it automatically connects / updates.

(Central Florida Bob ) #5

What Allie said. All of it.

I’ve had my Renpho scale since 2019, through multiple software updates and I think I’ve changed batteries in it once.

Smart scales like this that measure through your feet aren’t as accurate as the ones where you grab handles. It has been posted about here, but the scale is pretty consistent which makes tracking changes easier.

(Todd Allen) #6

Use it for the weight. Ignore the smart crap. If you want to measure body fat use things such as a tape measure, skin fold calipers, dexa scans, immersion and mri. Every method has issues but impedance is the worst.


I prefer the analogue scales. I have a Health O Meter Beam Scale. Same scale as my doctor uses. No bells or whistles. It just works and is reliable. I will put a known weight on it every so often just to make sure it is accurate. I purchased it from a retired doctor for $40 25 years ago. New they are $500+ Check Facebook Market Place. There are currently about a dozen for sale in my city and range from $40-400.

(Joey) #8

We found this at Costco here in the US but perhaps you can get these in the UK, too via Amazon or other source?

Works like a charm. Consistent readings from repeated measurements taken in a row down to nearest 1/10th lb or 50 grams.

We put an extra in the guest bathroom, plus bought one for family gift.

Weight Watchers Scales by Conair Bathroom Scale for Body Weight, Digital Scale, Glass Body Scale Measures Weight Up to 400 Lbs.

(Bacon enough and time) #9

A balance scale, when properly calibrated, is the most accurate and reliable. Unfortunately, most doctors’ offices have now switched to digital spring scales. (I guess the effort of sliding weights back and forth got to be too much for the nurses.)

Joey’s suggestion of the Weight Watchers scale is a good one. I got one for my birthday, and it seems much more accurate and consistent than the previous scales we had in my bathroom. On one of those scales, I could manipulate my weight by over 20 lbs./10 kg just by standing on it differently. And I had to weigh myself three or four times in succession and take the average in order to get any idea of my weight. Interestingly, while that scale always seemed to measure my father’s weight pretty accurately, it consistently under-weighed me by about 40 lbs. (I checked that on a balance scale I had access to, and confirmed that I did not weigh only 180 lbs./82 kg.) At least it was consistent, lol!


This is what I’ve landed on, I’ve played musical scale for years.

Cheap, big letters, accurate, real fast readings.

I did the whole “smart” scale thing, too bad they don’t exist. None of them are smart, barely intelligent. They don’t know what your BF% is, they don’t know what your hydration level is, they sure as hell don’t know what your muscle mass is, so what are you paying for?

Only advance is if it’ll sync to an app that you track your weight to that’ll that kinda save a step. I’ve done the name brand ones like Garmin, Withings and Amazfit since I had fitness trackers from them and liked being in the same app, I’ve had Omron which makes medical devices so I had hope there, even had a (consumer grade) InBody hoping it’d be better at bodyfat than the others since they’yre known for $10k commercial gym grade scales, and it was more accurate than any of the others since it also checked your hands for better BIA measurement, but still not right either.