Badge Seekers Wiki?

(I like to post memes!) #1

The gamification of the site is fun! For those that are interested, it guides the user through the practices that forge helpful members of the community. How about a list of tips for those that want to progress through Badges?

Example, you cannot earn Promoter or Campaigner until you are a level 3. You won’t have permissions to invite users from your profile until then.

(Richard Morris) #2

ahhh so that’s why some people can’t invite - thanks :slight_smile:

(Jacquie) #3

Darn. I just tried to invite a friend. :frowning:

(I like to post memes!) #4

Anyone know why I haven’t earned “Gives Back”?

Found the explanation here.

The query is based on the number of posts that have received a like, not the total number of likes received.

(Jacquie) #5

Great, it worked! :grinning:


I find the allocation of the automatic badges weird TBH. Sometimes you get them for things you have done already like a week ago. There are few that are manually awarded but most just come from the system so just celebrate when you get one but don’t try and figure out the hows and whys too much as I am not too sure they are consistent!

(Derek I. Batting) #7

I’ve just become active on the forums today, but I wanted to invite some people from Facebook who weren’t in the original group, but I can’t seem to do so. It might be a good idea to allow those at a lower level to invite others (unless that’s not a thing yet since we’re still in Soft Open mode for the month?)

(Jacquie) #8

I think it’s automated by Discourse and has to do with trust level, which is probably a good thing. :slight_smile:

(Derek I. Batting) #9

That’s the only thing I’m missing right now. I’d really like to invite people over, but I keep waiting for my level to go up (and not knowing how to make it without just posting and replying).

(Jamie Hayes) #10

How do you find out what level you are. I think I am a “member”.

It seems I can send an invitation.

However, if I send the link to a post, if they are not a member, it simply invites them to join.

I’m a bit confused.

(Richard Morris) #11

If you click on someones profile you’ll see a popup of their profile, at the bottom are a selection of the badges they’ve earned and the first is the last level upgrade.

Some categories have a lock symbol on them, that means you can’t view them without creating a log in. If you send someone a link to a topic in one of those categories then they will have to at least log in. For the most part these are the Health categories, and the reason they require authentication is primarily to prevent them being indexed by google.

If you send them a link to a topic in a category without a lock anyone can view it without authentication.

(Richard Morris) #12

You can also invite people to create a new account directly by clicking on your picture on the top right, and in the drop down lick on your name and it will show your profile.

You can then click on invites and “+ Send an Invite” to send someone an invitation to the forum via email.

And you can see people who have redeemed their invitation. People who are invited start off at level 1.

People who just create a new account from scratch start out at level 0. So an Invitation gives people you invite an instant promotion.

(Mark Bousquet) #13

Thanks for asking. I was wondering this myself. :slight_smile:

(Jamie Hayes) #14

I’m clearer now.

(Scott Shillady) #15

Is there a way to invite users Via facebook, as I don’t have email addresses for a lot of people in my circle

(David) #16

Keep liking stuff, and post stuff that gets likes.

(Richard Morris) #17

No I don’t think there is an easy way to do that.


Can’t you just post a link to the forum and they can sign up. People don;t need an invite… Am I missing something?!

(Tom) #19

I think folks looking to get the promoter/campaigner/recruiter/defender of the realm badges prefer to send the invites so they get credit towards their next badge.

(Says the guy who is still checking daily to see if he’s moved up to Regular status yet)


Ah OK. I had an unfair advantage on that one as I got to drive hundreds when it was invite only. Sorry not sorry! :wink: