(Kenneth) #1

I pick this up at a gas station in Texas … 1 gallon of pure bacon grease! $17 as the Buc-cee’s

(back and doublin' down) #2

That there makes me proud to be from Texas!

(Jack Bennett) #3

Ohio is pretty proud of our pork as well … we gotta step up our gas station bacon fat game. (That said, all the people I know from TX consider Buc-ees legendary… :otter:)

(Eric) #4

Hmmm, Not sure I would be comfortable eating grease that I bought at a gas station.

(Kenneth) #5

This is no mere MORTAL Gas Station; this is Buc-cee’s! A shrine to beef jerky and all things Redneck. It is a gas station the size of some Neighborhood Walmarts. Depending on the location: 60-120 gas pumps, 84-120 toilets, 80+ soda dispensers, etc. They have the BEST of everything.


Get your spoons and dig in, y’all