Back soon

(Michael Iafrato ) #1

So I have been gone for a while from the boards. I’m back but not fully back. I will be back in keto at the end of the month. Yes I know I should start now but with family, the holidays, and good already purchased I need to start when I’m starting. I will be starting to make little changes beforeI start 100% as little changes make a difference.

For Christmas I’m getting an air fryer and a sous vide stick. Along with the instapot I should have a lot of things needed to go.

I’ll be looking here and asking for recipe help along the way to find things that are as close to a normal Italian diet as I can get on keto.

Look forward to being back as part of the group.


(Regina) #2

Welcome back!

(Kristin) #3

Hi, I recently joined the forum and look forward to your participation.

(Michael Iafrato ) #4

Thanks @KetoKristin. Welcome to the forum. It’s a great community.