Babies being fed almost nothing but fruit

(Karen) #21

Of course it also depends on what mum is eating and whether she has a nutrional diet otherwise the breastmilk will not have the nutritional value for baby!

(Adrienne) #22

That’s not what babies should be eating at all. They should be getting nutrients from other things like meats. A 1 year old can eat what we eat. They have learned to chew. Sounds like she is setting up her baby to lack some major nutrition. And have some issues with sugar. If she thinks that is what babies eat she has gotten some very bad information.

Note that there are meats, greens and grains in this diet. Fruit offers minimal nutrients. Send her the link and hope she reconsiders her diet choice fo her child.


As I said, I don’t say anything and never will. \I’m sure he gets some protein in some form aside from milk. I think he does eat ham and cheese. They are very loving, good parents who care deeply about him so please don’t get me wrong about that. I just feel like he and other babies are overfed sugar a lot.

(Karen) #24

Definitely not getting you wrong sweetheart, I am sure they think they are doing right by him and you are in an unenviable position. Perhaps just be there for them if and when issues arise and be the loving uncle to the little boy that you are xx

(Jack Brien) #25

The start of a long road of addiction. The only thing you can be slightly less peeved about is that every one of his peers will also be addicted too. Sad, ■■■■■■ up world we live in. Give him a large (too big too fit in his mouth) piece of ribeye.

(Myth Buster ) #27

Fructose (Fruit Juice ) is a plan for fatty liver even in children

(Bob M) #28

I’ve often wondered if too much fruit is too. When I was younger, I ate fruit, but pretty much only in season. After that, no fruit.


There is a pic of me in a highchair with a piece of pretzel in one hand and a wiener in the other. Mom said I would cut my teeth on the pretzel and then quickly comfort myself with the hot dog. She said I also used to like to cut my teeth on crunchy chicken skin and then take a bite of cheese. Another favorite apparently was a thin piece of carrot in one hand and a slice of orange in the other. She fed a variety of things, and by the time I was 3, I would travel quite a bit with them and eat the different cuisines of Europe along the way.

I do like variety in my food, spices and textures and so forth. I like all kinds of meat, offal, fish and shellfish. And it doesn’t take much effort to impart different flavors to each, a never ending of different things to make. Just think of what all can easily be made from ground beef. I also like my spinach and a variety of veg, and fruit in season.

I’m good with this. I don’t need or want the pasta and potatoes and all that anymore. Took me long enough to make the right choices - but luckily, I have plenty choices that are all good for me.

(KM) #30

I’m very grateful to my parents for my food … base? When I was about 2, I snuck a bowl of shrimp off the smorgasbord table as it was being set for 25 people and sat under the table and ate half of it. Age 4 I finished a 16 oz steak in a restaurant. Mom says my absolute fave as a toddler was bleu cheese. Born with a carnivore knife in my mouth, apparently. :grin:

(Bacon enough and time) #31

Who says kids don’t know what’s good for them? :grin:


Lucky! I wasn’t super unlucky, I have heard about horrible situations, Mom even could cook but no one fed me steak. Or salmon. Or enough pork :frowning: We had chicken for every Sunday lunch, some processed meat here and there, even pork occasionally but basically vegetarian dishes all week long. It was good just not good enough for my body, apparently… I can’t handle carbs that well.
But I ate as much fat and eggs and dairy as I wanted… (Same for plants, actually but the previously mentioned ones were better for me and I loved them.)

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if my family forced me to some low-fat diet… I probably would have rebelled as I have my limits. High-carb? Okay. Low-fat? NOPE. But low-fat isn’t trendy here, it was even less so when I had a kid so no one even mentioned it.

But it could have been better. Oh well. Now I can choose my food.

(KM) #33

By the time Low Fat was king, I had already established this odd and apparently much healthier taste palate. (My mother is Danish and was always encouraging me to try foods from her homeland, whether that was strong cheese or leverpostej). And the fancy foods weren’t the norm in my diet, but I got enough exposure and encouragement to internalize the idea that, as someone else here said, “squishy and sweet” isn’t the only real food.

I was a candy addict for a while though. Intensely sweet + sour was my flavor of choice, and it played havoc with my teeth. Probably my pancreas, too.

(Harriet) #34

And fat! Growing brains require Omega 3 & 6 to develop properly.

(Bacon enough and time) #35

In particular DHA.