Attn fasters! Fasting and Supplements

(Joanne) #1

Hi all, I take a fair number of supplements, mostly to support keeping my T2D under control. I also take 1000 mg of Metformin, split dose 500/500 with lunch and dinner. I have recently begun to experiment with alternating TMAD with OMAD and it really fits my life and appetite perfectly. On OMAD days I have one large meal mid-day, over about a 2 hour period.

For those who fast, my question is about taking medication and supplements. Do you break your fast to take supplements and/or meds? We always hear that it’s better not to take them on an empty stomach, but is there any science behind this? Last night I was not hungry at all, but I ate a keto friendly snack just to get something in my stomach to take my Metformin and pm supps.

P.S. the reason I break up my supplements into AM/PM is that some of them are better for energy and others for sleep.

(Take time to smell the bacon) #2

Your physician or your pharmacist should be able to advise you on this.

Over the years, I have taken medications that needed to be taken on an empty stomach, other medications that needed to be taken with food, and many medications for which it made no difference. I also know that certain foods and certain antibiotics conflict and there needs to be a separation of several hours between the food and the antibiotic.

In the U.S., you can also get this information from the monograph they hand out every time you refill the prescription.

(Robin) #3

I believe you take what you need, when you need it. Fasting doesn’t have to be so strict as to compromise your supplemental needs. They can work together and you can make your own best version of the practice.


All depends on the meds, some things are fine on empty, some things no so much. My joint supplement stack on an empty stomach is BAD news! With food it’s fine. Also, many meds are fat soluble so keep that in mind as well.


It really depends on your body. If taking something on an empty stomach upsets it, then don’t.

I do not have diabetes and enjoy good health except for some sinus/allergy issues. I can take supplements with just some coffee and cream. And I also do some fasting without worrying about supplements.

But your body is very different from mine, so listen to it.

Good luck sorting yourself out.

(Laurie) #6

Yes, there are reasons. For example, when it says “with food,” it might mean you need to take that particular supplement with fat, or with some other nutrient. But since most people don’t know what’s in their food, they just say with food.

Similarly, “take on an empty stomach” might mean it doesn’t interact well with protein (or something else).

You can look up the specifics for each supplement you’re taking.

(Joanne) #7

Thanks to everyone. I think I will continue to do a small keto snack on my OMAD days. Seems like the best compromise and doesn’t derail me. :grinning: