Atrial fibrillation - Afib

(Joshua Tomey) #41

Interesting scenario to run by the group on this topic. Have been on keto diet for approximately 90 days; after about 45 began a rigorous exercise program and frankly have been feeling GREAT. Three days ago mid workout, got heart palpitations and clear arrhythmia. Felt like a brady-tachy; following palpitation heart rate slowed down, sped up and then normalized within minutes. Repeated only when exercising at moderate to high intensity.

Yes, getting checked out by PCP and cardiologist next week.

However here is the interesting part in line with this discussion: some 10 days prior I stopped taking my daily 400 mg magnesium glycinate cold turkey (suspected it might be behind some gastric upset). This was combined with a new workout routine that left me probably more fluid depleted (via perspiration) than I have have been. Adding 2+2 and lurking in these and other forums I am beginning to think there must be a connection.

Finally, I have resumed the magnesium and have ordered ReMag.


Probably look at getting your electrolytes (nutritional density approach to keto) through salt and food (e.g. marine sources) as a foundation after discovering and experiencing the arrhythmia. The supplements are good on top but a chronically mineral deficient food supply, makes seeking out essential nutrients the next level of biohacking for the keto adventurer.

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Has anyone tried iodine? The book I read about iodine had at least one letter from a user where their afib became much better after he went through an iodine regimen.


Thanks @ctviggen, I’ll have to look into it. Following the get your nutrition from food philosophy, I started increasing the magnesium by adding more sea vegetables/ seaweed. But that adds in a whole biocomplex of nutrients including iodine. And it may be the interactions between the micronutrients and human biology that is more key than deconstructed solo supplements.

Also just dropping this reference here for future reading: